Thesis Writing

The university requires students to complete a thesis and dissertation as the last and most important assignments towards completion of education. Writing a thesis paper presents the final opportunity for the student to impress the professors and show them why they deserve to get the degree. In the thesis project, the student reveals research and writing skills and puts their best foot forward to produce a compelling paper that stands out from those of other students.

Steps in Constructing your Thesis

A few steps can be followed while writing a thesis:

  • Analyze the primary sources. The student should look for controversy, ambiguity, and interest. Figuring out these elements in the sources consulted by the student puts them on the path of developing a working thesis.
  • Once you have come up with a working thesis, record it down. It is important to record the working thesis because there is nothing as frustrating as developing a brilliant idea and forgetting it. When the thesis is written down, the student will think of it concisely and logically. By writing down what you have, you get yourself on the right track to writing the final-draft version of the thesis.
  • Keep the thesis prominent in the introduction. The thesis statement must be visible at the end of an introductory paragraph. Readers are used to finding theses in the last sentence of the introductory paragraph and therefore, they pay more attention to this section. Although most academic essays may not require putting the thesis statement as the last sentence in the introductory paragraph, this is used as a good rule of thumb.
  • Show the counterarguments. After developing the working thesis, the student must think about what can be said against the information compiled. This helps in refining the thesis and highlighting some of the arguments that are refuted later in the essay. Notably, in every argument, there is a counterargument which opposes a point of view.

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Important points to remember

While writing, aim for brevity and avoid completing the paper for length. Your goal should be coming up with the shortest possible paper with great content to describe the work and support an interpretation of the information.

Repetitions and irregular tangents must be avoided at all costs so that your paper makes sense.  Necessary repetition applies to the main theme that is developed in the introduction, strengthened on the main body of the paper and mentioned in the discussion sections. The following suggestions are helpful in shortening the paper:

  • Repetitive information should be included in the tables within the paper.
  • Include sufficient information in the background to allow the reader understand the main ideas.
  • Figure captions must be well written
  • The text should point out the most significant items, patterns or trends in the tables and figures
  • Adjectives, prepositional phrases and adverbs must be scrutinized

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