Terms and Conditions

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Our website/the websitehttps://allhomeworksolutions.com
Customer/client/user/ you/yourThe person who used our website to submit an order, chat with us, or contact us.
Order/product/task/workAny service ordered from us by the client/customer.

General Agreement

All Homework Solutions is works with qualified staff to offer diverse content writing services to their clients.

The client engages All Homework Solution to assign an expert in the specified field to offer the stated services as filled indicated in the order form.

Our clients are discouraged from making any direct contact with our writers.

If a client is unsatisfied with the complete order sent to them, the company’s Quality and Assurance team ensures a revision is initiated as required by the client.


The contract between All Homework Solutions and the client becomes existent once payment for the requested order is made and confirmed. The agreement will be in place until the client is fully satisfied by the quality of work delivered.


The charges for services are available on the company’s website (see our order form) and coupon discount codes may be available at chosen times. In instances where a client offered a deposit, the outstanding balance must be cleared as agreed before they can receive their order.

Service Provision

We offer different services, as stipulated on the services page. The company is tasked with assigning any client’s orders to an expert whose skills fall under the requested service. Once the task is assigned, the client has the right to request regular updates such as outlines and drafts.

Personal Information

Any personal data held with us is used to process the client’s order, process any relevant payments, and for communication purposes with the client. All Homework Solutions operates a privacy policy, which is available on the. All Homework Solutions is the sole data controller and upholds all responsibilities pertaining to data security.

Communication System

Our website communication system is easy to use and convenient and operates on a 24/7 basis. The system comprises:

  1. Emails: We may send our customers regular emails through our official email stated in the Contact Us section.
  2. Text messaging: We may send our clients short text messages using the numbers they provide in the order form.
  3. Calls: We will hardly make calls to our clients, unless when necessary. We avoid disrupting our clients with calls, especially when they are working or having special times with family and friends.
  4. Live Chat: Our live chat system is always available. Clients can chat with us anytime, or leave a message if we happen to be away/offline.

We use our communication system for needs related to order processing, completion of orders, and any needed clarification. The client is advised to regularly check the email and texts to address any questions requests or updates. Late responses to urgent requests will lead to the termination of any agreement existing between the company and the client. We aim to maintain efficiency.


If the sources required to complete the order are rare, closed sources, or unavailable, then it is the clients’ responsibility to avail them punctually to avoid any delays in completing the order. Failure to avail these materials will lead to termination of your order by the company or non-compliance to word count requirement.

Revision Policy

The company accepts revision ONLY within 10 days after the submission of the completed order. Within the 10-days period, we offer a 100% free revision chance, as long as there is no change in the initial instructions. Revisions ensure the satisfaction of the client for the submitted work. It is worth noting that our free revision policy does not extend past the ten days. After our free 10-day policy, revisions costs will be incurred by the client and the company will issue a quote before committing to the request. Our company boasts of writers with vast experience in the global industry. Excessive revisions that are part of the client’s negligence and mistakes will lead to a termination of any contract without a refund. The company is at liberty to set prices and deadlines for such revisions.

Refunds and Disputes

Our sole aim is to follow our clients’ instructions precisely and deliver quality work on a timely basis as required by the client. For a working agreement to exist, our clients must fill an order form that highlights all instructions to be adhered to by our writers and a contract is established once the payment is made. In the event that the instructions are not met, the client may request a refund, if at all they do not need a revision on the product. Once a refund is made, the product sent to the client ceases to be under their ownership and the company retains and can use it for any purpose. All refunds are reviewed by our Quality Assurance team. The company may decline a refund request if the issue raised is found to be baseless.

All Homework Solutions acknowledges that the client obtains the copyright to the work supplied through the company’s services and at all times, copyright remains with the client unless a refund for the work was done whereby the company retains full ownership of the content.

The client acquires the copyright or the right to use the work as agreed in our terms of use. The terms of use are as stated below:

Our customers may use our content in the following ways:

  1. As simplified material for easier understanding of coursework
  2. As supplementary material for research purposes
  3. Source of ideas while completing assigned tasks
  4. Citation purposes, but only if well referenced

Disclaimer: All Homework Solutions provides custom writing services such as but not limited to term papers, research papers, thesis papers, essays, dissertations, and other services highlighted in our service list. All content provided by the company can only be used subject to the above terms.

Any content published on the website is the sole property of All Homework Solutions and protected by DMCA. Any copied content from the website without acknowledgment or our consent will be flagged and reported to DMCA for a takedown.

Our website is linked to other websites on the vast web. However, please note that we do not endorse these sites unless stated otherwise. Our company is not affiliated with the content published on these websites.

We may send our clients regular promotional email campaigns informing them of new offers and content that may interest them. The client has the right to reject such offers at any time through the ‘unsubscribe’ option.

Acknowledgment of Terms and Conditions

By using our website, placing an order, and completing a payment on our secure checkout platforms, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions.