Dissertation Methodology

At one time or the other, college students are required to write a dissertation or a thesis. This is a very important once-in-a-lifetime project that must contain a dissertation methodology chapter. The academic standard of a student’s dissertation must, therefore, be of high quality. It is for this reason that All Homework Solutions have an experienced pool of writers, who are highly qualified in their respective disciplines of interest and can deliver tailor-made service to the loyal customer base.

The Four Main Areas of Study in A Dissertation Methodology

In the course of the study, it is significant for the student to learn the four main areas that matter in dissertation methodology. These sections include:

  • The first main part of dissertation methodology attempts to answers the “why” and “how” of the problem. In this part, some clarity about the questions you want answers to must be brought out clearly. At this stage, it is also important to envision the kind of problems you may encounter in the course of attempting to answer the questions.
  • The second important area in dissertation methodology concerns the samples selected for the study. Here, you need to answer the following questions; is the selection of the sample representative of the general population? Would a different researcher with the same or a similar sample come up with an identical result or would there be a significant difference and if there is a difference, what could be the cause?
  • The third stage of dissertation methodology inspects the design of the study critically. It contains a more detailed explanation of how the study was conducted, and it includes all the steps that were taken by the researcher or team of researchers. The components of the research study are also explained in some detail.
  • The last part of the dissertation methodology section of the thesis will normally be based on how data was collected. In addition to this, some of the methods the researcher has put to use to analyze the data are also included in this last section.
Dissertation methodology writing

Important Points to Consider

  • In the structure of your dissertation, dissertation methodology comes immediately after the literature review stage. Our writers at All Homework Solutions will ensure that your work flows seamlessly from the literature review and blends with this stage to give the reader an overall understanding of theme under study.
  • During the third stage of dissertation methodology, the researcher must decide on whether the method to be used is primary research or secondary research. He or she may also need to decide whether best results would be arrived at through qualitative analysis of results or quantitative analysis or even still a mixture of the two methods: called mixed research analysis method. At All Homework Solutions, because of our experience, we can determine the best approach to use guided by two fundamental issues; the subject matter of research to be conducted and primary data to be collected or secondary data sourced from the literature

Purpose of the Methodology

Here at All Homework Solutions, we can put into proper perspective a clear and distinct relationship between the research question, the scholarship or documented knowledge in that field through literature review, and the means by which you must conclude. At the very end, a dissertation methodology serves the following purpose in academic work:

  • Sums up the research question with precision.
  • Gives a clear picture of the design or methodology of research which has been used by other authors before.
  • Gives a clear background by laying a basis for your research problem and stating the reason behind your choice of that particular subject.
  • Provides a way to test and evaluate your choice of method and provides a statement of any limitations the researcher came across during the execution stage.

The general description of the dissertation methodology to a layman may look more or less the same for all areas of academic study, but each area has its unique details and small points to be included. At All Homework Solutions, our experienced writers have the expertise to pick out the necessary features and details to include in any dissertation methodology, thereby assuring you of quality work that will yield the desired results.

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