Dissertation Abstract

Dissertations are long research papers with arguments supporting thesis statements written by master’s degree or doctorate graduates. An abstract is a summary of an article usually a long one. Its primary purpose is to give you an idea of what is in the article. Researchers do need to know if your work contains the information they are looking for before they spend their time reading it. A dissertation abstract, therefore, is a summary of a dissertation paper, including all that is in the article. It is written in concise and straightforward language.

Being able to include a lot of information in just one paragraph without leaving anything relevant out might be challenging for some students. Writing a dissertation abstract is not that easy because ignoring even one sensitive detail might cost you a lot. In case you need aid in writing a dissertation abstract, inquire from All Homework Solutions. They offer research, writing, editing, and referencing services.

Guidelines to help you write an excellent dissertation abstract

  1. Include the necessary information:
  • Write an outline of your dissertation paper. Creating a draft of your work will help you summarise, in your mind, the aim of your research and be able to memorize all that is in it. You should start with your central thesis statement at the top of course. Secondly, read each section of your paper, writing a one-sentence summary of each part. Do not forget to include the review of your conclusion as well.
  • Gather all the information you will need if you are writing a scientific dissertation abstract. Depending on the field of study, your dissertation abstract will contain particular pieces of information. A scientific dissertation abstract will require you to tell how your research is relevant to the academic discussion. Mention the methodologies, include your conclusion and do not fail to mention how your research might lead to further research. If there is anything you think you should include, there are samples online that you can use to guide you, contact All Homework Solutions to inquire more.

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When it now comes to writing the abstract, remember to do the following;

  • You begin by stating the full citation of the article and should be written above the dissertation abstract. It should include; your name, the name of the dissertation paper and the publication information if there is.
  • You then follow it with a condensed version of the thesis statement. You can write your thesis statement as a whole only if it is not a long sentence. If it is a long sentence, do condense it. Keep in mind that you are giving the reader an overview of what your dissertation is all about and not everything. If you are not sure of specific details, seek help from online writers, All Homework Solutions.
  • Your short summarised sentences you noted down are the ones you should be writing down. Collect all of them and shape them to form a paragraph. Keep them in order so that the reader does not get confused. The last sentence to be your summary of the conclusion.
  • Go through your dissertation abstract adding transitions to make it easy to follow. You cannot only copy and paste the sentences the way they are. You must make them continuous and flow for the sentences to make sense as a whole paragraph. Do not repeat yourself and include only information related to the discipline.
  • Now edit your abstract to make it short. Maintain simplicity and conciseness. Cut where necessary to obtain a summary of about 100 to 200 words. There is no need of including too much information.
  • Recheck your work to ascertain that the essential information is still in the dissertation abstract. These include; the primary purpose of your research, the problem you were researching, your research implementation, the conclusion you drew and the implication it holds in research.

A dissertation abstract is always challenging as you have to include so much information in such a small paragraph. However, being keen and taking your time to read some of the guidelines above will help you write it. Just ensure to include the right information and write a short dissertation abstract of less than 200 words but above 100 words. Also, visit All Homework Solutions on their website for clarifications on how to write a dissertation abstract or for help composing your own.