Privacy Policy

All Homework Solutions is an authoritative site whose operators take the privacy of its users seriously. Any information collected is intended to ensure that we offer our clients the best experience.

What Data is Collected?

All Homework Solutions collects data from any user who fills any forms on the website. There are two forms that may be filled out: the order form and the payment form. The order form is used by customers to order a service they need in order to complete a certain task. The payment form is used to make a direct payment that the customer may have agreed with the support team. Any details entered into the order form are stored within our system. In particular, the personal information collected includes the name of the user, their email, phone number, and their IP address.

When payments are made through our accepted payment methods such as PayPal and credit/debit cards, we do not store this information as we have secure payment gateways. The users are in control of their payment details at all times.

How We Use Your Data

The information you provide on our website is used in the following ways:

  1. To provide you with any services that you have ordered for.
  2. To confirm and verify payments received and prevent cases of online fraud. Your information also helps us prevent identity theft.
  3. As a development tool that allows us to optimize load times on our website and improve user experience each day.
  4. To facilitate better customer experience by making sure communication on pending orders is flawless.
  5. For promotional purposes where we send users periodic emails on new and existing offers and any changes in our operations. You are free to unsubscribe from such emails clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email or sending us an email at

Use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies to improve your experience on our website. Cookies are data generated by a website and saved by your browser and are used to store your preferences on the website. We use the cookies to better the services you order by improving your experience using the information collected. Cookies help us to tailor our services based on the links you click and keep track of where you left off during your last visit to our website.

By disabling cookies, some key functionalities of the website may be missing and that could trouble your order placement. In such instances, you can always contact us directly for further assistance.

All Homework Solutions may be linked to other external websites. Our clients are advised to be careful with their privacy when opening such links as we are not responsible for their time spent on such sites unless stated otherwise [see our terms].

Measures to Protect Your Data

Our servers use high-level encryption to secure any electronic communication and interaction made on our website, including your data. The company endeavors to protect your data at all costs even though no measure is 100% effective. It is important to note that we use the data retention policy that ensures your data is stored only for a limited timeframe that is dependent on how often you use our website.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy terms are subject to change with time. Users may be notified of such changes when they happen.