Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal is a paper that introduces and summarizes a student’s research, methodologies, aims, and resources. A proposal can be viewed as the first step in developing a dissertation to make things more transparent and prove that a candidate can establish their thesis statement and arguments. The better the dissertation proposal, the better the student’s dissertation will be because the dissertation proposal acts as the base for the dissertation and assists you go smoothly and following instructions from the instructor.

The main reason for writing a dissertation proposal before writing the dissertation is to prove to the committee that you have indeed done enough research to support your theories, and you can come up with an excellent dissertation. Writing a dissertation proposal is of the most challenging tasks in writing a dissertation, and so, you may find it ideal to visit All Homework Solutions for assistance. You as a student must, therefore, do thorough research and spend your time wisely to ensure that you have done everything correctly.

dissertation proposal writing

Sections of a dissertation proposal

  • A clear statement of the problem,
  • The background information of the literature review and then
  • The methodology you are implementing to achieve your goals.

Dissertation Proposal Format

The components of a dissertation proposal vary a little with areas of study and for more details on a format of a particular field, visit online writers, All Homework Solutions. However, the main parts are;

  • A statement with all the details of the problem and the context of the study. It should be short, brief, clear and straight to the point. It should have the essential justifications of the problem on both educational and theoretical grounds.
  • A thorough review of the pertinent of literature to the research problem. It should provide evidence that the relevant literature in play has been thoroughly researched. Do not fail to mention the critical areas of study and thoughts that are going to give the information regarding your dissertation. Remember that proper research is cumulative and it builds on findings, ideas, and the other’s mistakes.
  • A statement of the design of the proposal study in general. It includes:
  1. The explanatory interest of the plan in general
  2. The theoretical framework in general within which the interests are pursued.
  3. The theory or model to be tested or the question under research that requires an answer and proof.
  4. Discussion of the operational properties and the conceptualizations of the variables.
  5. An overview of the strategies for gathering the relevant evidence (sampling, data collection, data reduction, instrumentation and the analysis of the collected data).
  6. Discussion on ways of interpretation of the evidence and these vary with the field of study one is taking.
  • Methodologies: your work may be empirical or non-empirical. An empirical is one with some study and data collection, for instance, the use of a questionnaire and interviews, while a non-empirical one is one with no such data, and all your information comes from already researched and processed sources. It means that if your work is non-empirical, then this part is going to be short, and longer if it is empirical. This is because you will most likely have a lot to put down regarding the methods of data collections you used. When you are using bullet points to list down your points in this section, do not list more than the activities you intend to do. For instance, mention; to conduct interviews, evaluate data or consult archives.
  • Mention the potential outcomes of the research you want to conduct. Do not second-guess the outcomes of your dissertation because if you knew the result, then it was pointless going ahead doing the dissertation. Here, you should discuss the possible outcomes that you hope to turn out.
  • You should tell in depth the details of your research. Expand the ideas which have come out in your research questions. If you need more details on how to write a good dissertation proposal, then contact All Homework Solutions.

A student should get an approval request for research on human subjects using the Human Subject Review Form. Writing a dissertation proposal is an essential activity for a college student about to write a dissertation. For the student to be able to prove to his or her lecturer that he or she can write a splendid dissertation, then he or she must perfect the dissertation proposal. In case you need clarity on specific details pertaining to writing a dissertation proposal seek help from All Homework Solutions.

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