Dissertation Conclusion

Your dissertation, thesis, and term papers that you write in college must have a conclusion where you come up with your deductions about the study you have undertaken. A good dissertation conclusion helps your supervisor, who is usually the first person to see your work, to understand the basic summary of ideas, the purpose for, and finally the relevance of the work you have undertaken. All Homework Solutions offers great deals in coming up with the design of such works so that the required standards are met.

After several years of hands-on experience, we have established that in most papers, the dissertation conclusion section is usually a few pages of written material and comes as a short section at the end of your dissertation. As a result of writing several custom pieces of work for various clients, we have also come across many instances where the conclusions are rolled out in the main discussion section. But this must be done with the express permission of your supervisor as individual universities have different guidelines they want to be followed when this chapter on dissertation conclusion is written.

Elements of a Dissertation Conclusion

Here at All Homework Solutions, we have determined that a dissertation conclusion must have the following six elements.

  • A summary of the key research findings as it relates to the original expectation of the study: This should be done in just a few paragraphs.
  • The essential conclusions that have been drawn from the research exercise so that your supervisor or any researcher can easily understand the study without going through the entire dissertation.
  • The importance of your research to other researchers, practitioners and industry players: This is key because research is not just performed in vain but to address inherent problems in various fields.
  • The recommendations for future research and researchers: By identifying questions or areas which could be explored further, interest in the area of your study is excited. Recommendations for practitioners and industry players could go a long way in solving problems that have been identified by the research and which exist in the industry as well.
  • Crystalizing the main ideas in the dissertation or thesis: To achieve high grades in a dissertation project, the student must learn to write an appealing, accurate and a concise dissertation conclusion. For this to be achieved at All Homework Solutions, we recommend that when are you writing a conclusion to a dissertation or a thesis the following checklist should be followed.
dissertation conclusion writing

Now that you have your introduction, literature review, methodology, and results sections ready, it is time for the conclusion.

Dissertation Conclusion Checklist

  • You must ensure that the research questions are answered
  • Also, check whether the main problem statement has been dealt with.
  • Find out whether the hypothesis that was originally formulated has been confirmed or disapproved.
  • Look at the language used in constructing in all the sentences, whether the right verb tenses have been used.
  • You must also ensure that no new information is given in the conclusion.
  • You must ensure that no examples are used at the conclusion stage. It is, however, alright to use examples elsewhere in the dissertation.
  • Ensure that information which is not essential and pertinent to the problem is not given. Otherwise, this may only serve to clatter, your thesis.
  • Ensure that passages from results are not typical cut and paste. Results must be from those obtained using empirical means.
  • Ensure that first person singular is not used.
  • Lastly, you should make sure that only the right verb tenses are used in sentence construction.

Our professional writers will ensure the above checklist is followed and that everything is done accordingly. At All Homework Solutions, whenever we are contracted to write works such as dissertation conclusion, we must conduct the due diligence test and find out the particular university’s specification on dissertation conclusion writing. We ensure that the correct information is given to us by the student and follow the specifications of each university to ensure the student stays in line with the instructions.

Important Points to remember when writing a Dissertation Conclusion

You should then be able to do the following;

  • Put the dissertation in a single document and read through it, making the necessary corrections made before submission.
  • Allow time for collation of your dissertation to avoid making mistakes which can be costly if made at the last minute.

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