#3 Best Tips for Writing Informative Topic Sentences

What is a topic sentence?

Thesis statements would be headlines if argumentative essays were newspaper articles. The reason is that a thesis statement acts as a headline of an essay.

On the other hand, topic sentences act as the headlines in paragraphs. Just like the thesis, topic sentences let the reader know what to expect when reading an article. It is important for students to know how to articulate their topic sentences favorably.

What are the basic functions of a topic sentence?

  • Describes the topic matter partially or completely in the paragraph
  • Situates the contents of the paragraph by linking with the thesis
  • Offer a transition from the preceding paragraph
functions of a topic sentence

What should a topic sentence cover?

All and only

The words “all” and “only” are very important in topic sentences even though they are small words. “All” requires the topic sentences to cover sufficient information, while “only” limits the amount of information covered in the topic sentences.

All information in the paragraph must be linked clearly topic sentences. As a result, the topic sentence should be broad to account for the points you want to articulate in the paragraph.

Ensure that the topic sentence is sufficiently precise and expansive. In this case, you can utilize keywords from the most significant points included in the paragraph. Ensure that the keywords are drawn from the points you want readers to conclude from the essay.

On the other hand, except in the case of compound topic sentences, only the information in the paragraph should be included in the topic sentence. The implication is that the topic matter required in the paragraph should be broad than the topic sentence to give the student an opportunity to explore facts comprehensively.

By following the all and only requirements, the topic sentence should reflect the contents in the paragraph.

Ensure that everything contained in the paragraph should come out in the topic sentence. In addition, information lacking in the paragraph should not be included as part of the topic sentence. The reason for avoiding such information is to maintain relevancy in your writing.

Also, students have the option of changing the topic sentence of the paragraph in case they notice differences between what the paragraph covers and what the topic sentence covers. Our team of experts can help align the topic sentences and paragraphs, and therefore, feel free to talk to us regarding any requests with topic sentences.

Perhaps correcting your topic sentences will require you to add a few words or something significant is missing from the paragraph. All in all, we can help add any of that depending on your requests.

On the other hand, the topic sentence may be broad, and it needs to be cut, or the paragraphs cover information that is irrelevant. If you have any issues with your topic sentences, feel free to contact the team at All Homework Solutions.

How to incorporate compound topic sentences

Compound sentences apply in instances where a topic sentence acts is the section introduction which outlines information covered in the next two or three paragraphs. In such an instance, the student uses two topic sentences in the same paragraph known as the compound topic sentence.

The first of the two of the section heading acts as the topic sentence but still the “all and only” rules apply. However, the rules cover a few paragraphs which contain worthwhile information.

In compound sentences, a part of the first topic sentence extends to the second topic sentence that covers all and only information presented in the paragraph.

compound topic sentences

1. Connection to the overall argument or thesis

A topic sentence is incomplete when it covers only the first basic function. The reason is that we may know the contents of the paragraph but fail to understand how it relates to the main point of the essay. This matter is clarified as the second function of a topic sentence is to link it with the thesis.

Your topic sentence can fulfill this second function if you ask yourself whether the paragraph helps the reader understand the thesis appropriately. Besides, ask if the reader can identify the connection between the main points and the overall points in the essay.

Just by someone looking at these questions they should get answers from the topic sentence. The keywords used in the thesis can be re-used to ensure that the connections are clear and to ensure that the paragraph explores the overall point explicitly.

When dealing with compound sentences, they do not need to relate with the thesis directly. For instance, topic sentences following a compound topic sentence should refer to the first topic sentence, but also to the thesis.

Likewise, in longer essays with subsections, the topic sentences refer to the main point stipulated in the introduction of the subsection. The most important point to remember is to connect the topic sentence either to the thesis or connect to something else, that in turn connects them with the thesis.

When discussing topic sentences, one should seek to capture the real context of the text in question. Topic sentences are intended to tell readers briefly what to expect in a reading.

2. Transitioning

The topic sentences encapsulate paragraphs, and therefore, they offer ideal places to transition from the topic in the previous sections or paragraphs to the topic in the subsequent section or paragraphs. Apart from this function, a topic sentence is used for transitioning.

However, if the transition does not appear in the topic sentence, it should appear before the topic sentence. As a student, it is important to understand how topic sentences work and how to transition from one paragraph to the next. We offer excellent services to clients all over the world who have questions about topic sentences and how they work.

We can help students create topic sentences that stand out and ensure the audiences understand what is portrayed in the essay. A great topic sentence ensures that your points are clearly articulated throughout the reading, and once you learn this skill, it will help you in several essays.

Therefore, do not hesitate to inquire from our team of experts from All Homework Solutions who will ensure that your dream is attained in the simplest way possible.

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