Best Practices for Writing an Essay Outline

What is an Essay Outline?

The primary objective of an essay outline is to present the content in a well-structured, orderly, and comprehensible manner. It is fundamental to note that an essay outline is objective rather than subjective.

Consequently, the writer ought to research broadly to present well thought and succinct facts. All writers should endeavor to adhere strictly to the basic essay outline as will be highlighted in this text. This is because most essays follow the same basic outline. In the guide, we ensure that formulating an outline for an essay is made simple, equipping you with a logical and coherent flow of ideas for your essay.

How to Write an Essay Outline

An essay outline comprises of introduction, body, and conclusion. The writer must ensure that information from one major segment of an outline links comprehensively to the corresponding section. The basic structures of an essay may differ slightly with regards to the type of essay. An academic paper outline will differ from a persuasive one.


The introduction is of great importance in an outline as it gives the readers the first insight into your text. We, All Homework Solutions, have mastered the art of writing intriguing and impressive introductions that will arouse interest in the readers as we offer professional custom writing services.

Features of a Perfect Essay Outline

A well written and researched essay outline must compose of the following:

  • Hook statement: This is usually meant to arouse the readers’ interest and grab their attention to the text. It is usually the first statement in the introduction.
  • General facts and background information in relation to the topic. For example, fun facts, history, and
  • Definitions for keywords that will be used in the essay.
  • Introduced body paragraphs: The writer should briefly state the main points that will be discussed in the body.
  • Thesis statement: The latter is of extreme importance as it is a concise encapsulation of the main idea that the essay revolves around. It reflects the opinion and stands of the writer to the text.


The body is the second segment of an essay outline. Here facts are well presented and expounded on. It may consist of three to five paragraphs. We offer professional research services that will have the writer basking in good grades as the body often determines the final grade in an essay.

Below are compulsory points to include as you draft the body in an essay outline.

  • Topic sentence: It is a sentence that introduces the main idea to be discussed in the paragraph. Each paragraph is introduced by a topic sentence.
  • Presentation of the main argument: This enables the reader to make an inference. It must be rational and clear.
  • Evidence presentation: The writer should ensure that valid evidence from other sources is given to support the main argument.
  • Conclusion: Here the writer can give clear illustrations and examples to enable the readers to understand.


The conclusion is the last segment of an essay outline. As the name suggests, it sums up all the ideas that have been mentioned in the text. Any credible outline ensures that the conclusion is well articulated and meticulously worded. It ensures that the text is engrained in the reader’s mind.

More often articles are subjected to bad reviews as a result of poorly written conclusions that are overly boring and less insightful.

Below is a guide in writing a perfect essay conclusion:

  • Paraphrase the thesis statement: This reminds the readers of the main idea behind the essay. It is of importance to avoid repetition of the thesis statement word for word.
  • Restate the main points in the essay: This is a brief overview summing up the contents of the body.
  • Highlight possible suggestions and application in similar case scenarios.
essay outline guide

General Tips to Consider

  • Ensure you abide by the word count specified. As you draft your outline, keep in mind the number of words as it helps in evaluating your points from the major to minor thus avoiding repetition and jumbling of ideas.
  • Research broadly to ensure that your facts are well stated and conveyed within the text. Facts ensure that the information relayed is tangible and convincing. As you draft your essay outline, ensure that you jolt down the main ideas to be discussed.
  • Use sentence connectors throughout the essay outline especially the body as this is mostly where explanations are given.
  • Avoid basing your essay on personal opinions, feelings, and attitudes as it distracts the readers from the main ideas and it makes the essay

Examples of Essay Outlines

  • persuasive essay outline
  • expository essay outline
  • narrative essay outline
  • informative essay outline
  • research essay outline

Also, you can learn how to write an essay introduction as well as writing an essay conclusion.

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