#13 Best Hacks for an Essay Conclusion

Drafting an essay conclusion is deemed as one of the most challenging tasks in writing an essay. However, we offer professional writing services and tips to writers on writing quality conclusions. An essay conclusion aims to reiterate the main points discussed in the body.

Furthermore, the choice of words in an essay conclusion must be captivating in order to ensure that the reader remembers the content in the essay.

Attributes of a Good Essay Conclusion

Typical essay conclusions are usually about five to seven lines. Drafting a conclusion is easy, more so if the writer takes into account the following tips:

  • Restates the thesis statement: In this case, the writer must endeavor to paraphrase the thesis statement. This draws the reader back to the main idea the essay revolves around.
  • Summarizes at least three main points highlighted in the essay. No additional information is needed.
  • Includes a broad statement: These include evaluation, forecasting the future and making recommendations.
  • Make sure to create a positive impression.

Below is an example highlighting the attributes of a good essay conclusion:

The rising number of teenage school dropouts is directly associated with illegal drug use. The affected teenagers undergo extensive medical treatment as most of them contract HIV and suffer from mental disorders. Teenagers drop out to enable them to fend their drug tendencies by searching for employment in the informal sector. Also, they are deemed as bad company and often leave school before they are sent away. We can all fight this menace of illegal drug use by raising awareness, as it is all our responsibility and working in unison with the relevant government agencies.

writing an essay conclusion

The Don’ts when Writing Essay Conclusions

This segment is of importance as it highlights commonly made mistakes in writing a conclusion. Writers should not worry as we offer professional editing skills to ensure that these mistakes are rectified and the document is proofread.

  • Do not rewrite the thesis statement, rather rephrase it. An example of a thesis statement is; Illegal drug use is detrimental to the society as it causes a high prevalence of teenage pregnancies. The above thesis statement can be rephrased and reads as follows; The rising number of teenage pregnancies is directly associated with illegal drug use.
  • Avoid using informal languages such as slang. Strictly adhere to proper punctuation and grammar rules.
  • Avoid personal biases such as personal opinions and feelings on a specific subject. This is to avoid offending the readers whose stand differs from yours.
  • Avoid stating new information that was not mentioned in the text. This ensures your conclusion is brief and concise.
  • Avoid the use of quotes and analysis as it clogs the essay conclusion as they are meant to be mentioned in the body.
  • Avoid the use of obvious words such as firstly, secondly and the likes. In an essay conclusion, the writer is expected to go straight to the point and be precise.

Tips for Good Essay Conclusions

  • Literary analysis: This is when the writer takes back the readers to the starting point. This is useful in narrative essays.
  • Offer a word of encouragement or wake-up call: This ensures that the essay conclusion has a positive
  • Consider linking your essay conclusion to a different context. This makes the essay to have a more significant purpose and enables the readers to associate the arguments to different contexts.

The Parting Shot?

In writing an essay conclusion, writers should have a positive attitude towards it and forego the idea that writing it is difficult. In addition, as you write an essay conclusion, you must be aware of the audience and try to get them to reason from your point of view.

One should avoid focusing on minor details in the essay conclusion, rather they should concentrate on the major themes arising from the discussion.

In writing an essay conclusion, students must write authoritatively on the subject. This means that one should use the correct words and rely on substantial evidence. It is best to avoid using words such as “I think” as they imply that one is unsure of their facts.

Essay conclusions ought to be taken with utmost importance as they are a fundamental part of any essay and writers should feel free to contact us for executive training services in writing viable essay conclusions.

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