Capstone Project

In the final year of a major, students should be able to complete capstone projects that bring together the most important lessons in the course of the study. A capstone project is the same as an investigation that combines knowledge of one or more subjects. It is a collection of some of the skills learned from different subjects or topics, and the final result must be a demonstration of the student’s comprehension of the subject. In a capstone project, the student is charged with the task of writing about a proposed solution to a problem identified during the study.

Steps for writing a Capstone Project

  • Make a list of assignments, examinations, essays, papers and projects you presented at the beginning of the freshman years to the final year.
  • Write a brief description of the assignments, examinations, essays, papers and projects that you have presented in the course of your study.
  • Notably, seek out for research papers as a capstone project is similar to this kind of work.
  • With the help of the instructor, choose a topic on your own and get them to approve it. In some circumstances, the instructor may give you guidelines which are important to follow until both of you are satisfied with the choice of topic.
  • After deciding on the topic, set aside enough time to research the topic from the library using the latest books, journal entries, articles, and websites. You can inquire from the resource librarian for materials that are helpful on the topic and how to access these topics on your laptop.
  • Take time and read widely on the topic and include the materials identified as part of the reference work.
  • Take notes as you start to draft contents of the capstone project using revised material and intertwine the knowledge with your own experience.
  • The next step involves writing the thesis statement so that readers do not struggle understanding contents of the paper. The thesis statement should be in the introduction and the conclusion. If you have any problems with writing thesis statement, our experts at All Homework Solutions can be of assistance. The thesis statement must be effective to obtain marks during the final evaluation by your tutors.

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What are the key points to consider when writing a capstone?

Students must take note of the key elements when writing the capstone project and this is the reason All Homework Solutions assists thousands of students to master the right procedures.

  • A good capstone project must contain a strong thesis which demonstrates the knowledge a student learned during the study. However, All Homework Solutions understands that students may have issues with writing a thesis statement and this is why we offer to help with your capstone project depending on the course pursued and requirements.
  • Remember that in your capstone project, the length of the paper is important as a long paper is difficult for examiners to review. Thus, maintain the length at a maximum of 45 pages. Most of the capstone projects written by All Homework Solutions are about 12, 000 words and contain a substantial number of references, ranging from 12-14 sources.
  • Apart from maintaining the standard length of the paper, include elements such as the cover sheet, abstract, table of contents, and list of references to show the tutor that you have compiled an organized work. In some instances, these elements contribute to the marks, and therefore, students should structure their work well.
  • Note that software programs or charts like Papyrus are helpful tools that aid in organizing Many more tools are accessible on the internet to help improve the structure of the Capstone project. On your desktop or laptop, use paper folders to keep folders in one place, and the written papers can be stored in the word processing folder.

In a nutshell, a capstone project contains your ideas throughout the degree program. Therefore, the paper must present a problem and offer solutions to the reader. A capstone project should demonstrate your knowledge about a topic or subject, and you should come up with a well-structured paper in terms of good grammar and content. Also, look at the samples of capstone projects to familiarize yourself with the work or inquire from us regarding the services available.