Article Review

When writing an article review, you will be both summarizing the article of another author and evaluating it as well. While many students may not understand the reason why instructors give them article review assignments, the instructors aim to introduce them to experts in the field through these specific assignments. Different credible sources provide insight into writing an article review. So what exactly does an article review aim to examine and how can you ace the test when it comes to article reviews? Find out below as All Homework Solutions showers you with tips on how to come up with the best article reviews that are objective and logical.

What exactly is an article review?

An article review is a piece of writing that analyses and evaluates the arguments of another or other authors. It involves you as the writer summarizing the main points of an article, analyzing, evaluating, critiquing, and giving your say in an article. As you continue to write, it is vital that you understand the main arguments presented in the article as it will help you to effectively summarize the article. Further, prepare yourself to evaluate the themes, arguments, and implications for research in the future.

Different types of article reviews

The type of article review involved will determine what the writer addresses in the review. The three main types of article reviews are:

  • Journal article reviews. These reviews focus on the strengths and weaknesses of articles to come up with an analysis and interpretation of the article’s content.
  • Research article reviews. These are different from journal article reviews in that they analyze and critique information in an article.
  • Science article reviews. Just as the name suggests, these reviews are concerned with articles in the scientific realm. The articles in this realm usually laden with information about the authors and the article as well to allow for comprehensive reviews.
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Structure of an article review

Dividing the article review into different parts will help you as the reader to create excellent content. The following are the parts that can be included in the article review:

  • The introduction in an article review should consist of 10-15% of the article review. Just like in other pieces of written work, outline a thesis. You should craft your thesis in light of the author’s claims and thesis. For an outstanding introduction, you may need a professional hand like All Homework Solutions to help you. In such a case, consider making contact and you will have a professionally written article review that will satisfy your instructor.
  • Overview of the article. Providing an overview involves the writer/student explaining the main points, claims, and results in the article. Discuss the way through which the author uses evidence to support his/her arguments in the article. Additionally, shift your focus to the conclusions. As you finish your introduction, ensure you reread it to ensure that you are not making points that are obvious to the reader.
  • The body is the central part of an article review as it addresses the article in its entirety and in depth. You should evaluate how well the topic is addressed by the author. Describe if the evidence given in support of the claims made are in line with research in the field. Talk about any biases spotted and tell the reader how much you think the author has contributed to the research in the field. Comment on the article’s importance in light of the subject under discussion. As you go towards the end of your article review, tell the reader if you agree or disagree with the opinions of the author and provide evidence as to why.
  • In the conclusion, the writer restates the main points of the article and their opinion about how well the article is written as well. The writer can also suggest the direction that research can take in future. You can contact All Homework Solutions to help you complete your article review in case you are unable to complete your review.

Tips for writing good article reviews

  • Do not be tempted to explore unrelated information. Instead, focus on the article itself. Explore other articles that focus on the topic to bring evidence to your own critique.
  • A hook is an important part of the introduction and your article review as a whole. Make use of interesting facts such as statistics, anecdotes or literary quotes that will help grab the attention of the reader/instructor.
  • Ensure that you follow the formatting instructions as provided by the instructor. The most common formats include APA and MLA, so ensure that you are well-versed with the formats. Reference any information that comes from outside the article under review.
  • After you conclude your article, ensure that you read through your work and edit the relevant parts. If you still have questions regarding article reviews, feel free to talk to us at All Homework Solutions for more information and help.