#3 Tips for a Perfect Nursing Paper PICOT Statement

Mnemonics are the way through which we get to make it easier to remember concepts and make our work easier. Well, they don’t work with our friends and families only, as they can come in handy in the classroom as well. The mnemonic PICOT is used in the nursing profession to define the critical elements of a good clinical question. Below, we discuss all the vital elements of a PICOT statement and how they come in handy in developing your nursing research paper.

Elements of a PICOT Statement

Developing a PICOT statement requires that you understand what the individual letters stand for. A PICOT statement addresses the following elements of a question:

  • P-Patients: This is the part of the question in which you ensure that you familiarize yourself with the patients’ conditions at the time of research and consider their position as you develop the PICOT statement. The patient is the center of any study. Therefore, it is important to consider
  • I-Intervention: The intervention is how you intend to treat the patients and how it will be done.
  • C-Comparison: The comparison is the placebo in the question. This is the “business as usual” situation. In the nursing profession, the comparison is a situation in which there is no risk factor.
  • O- Outcome: The outcome is the result yielded from the study. For example, adverse outcomes occurrence rate, the accuracy of a diagnosis or disease risk.
  • T-Time: The time frame is how long participants have been observed and how long it takes to achieve an intervention. This is the last yet very important element of a PICOT statement. This is determined mostly after the student/nurse answers the elements above and implements them to get an outcome.
elements of a  PICOT statement

Example of PICOT Statements

An example of a PICOT statement would be:

How effective is the IFAS intervention at preventing abnormalities for new-borns as compared to those whose mothers did not take IFAS?

The population under study, in this case, is children whose mothers took IFAS during pregnancy. The intervention in this question is IFAS. The comparison in the question is children whose mothers who did not take IFAS during pregnancy.

The outcome, in this case, is the probability of being born with abnormalities while the time that determines the outcome is pregnancy-9 months. If you still have a problem with formulating your PICOT statement, you can contact us at All Homework Solutions for help. Our dedicated staff will work to ensure you have a well-developed PICOT statement that will enable a successful project.

Tips for developing the PICOT Question

Developing a PICOT question shows that as a nursing student, you are well-equipped for the profession and are in a position to provide solutions for your patients. To help you with developing the PICOT question, follow the tips below:

  • Search on the Internet: On the internet, there are various examples of PICOT questions that can help you understand how to develop your PICOT question for your research. After you search the internet, you can add to your knowledge and interests to formulate your questions.
  • Develop your question systematically, putting in place the elements that the mnemonic stands for to develop a proper PICOT question. Consider the name, age, gender, and medical history of a patient. Consider the procedure or line of treatment for the intervention and find an alternative plan for the comparison. The proposed treatment plan can then lead you to the expected outcome.
  • Work one on one with your patients, interview them personally after formulating the ICO questions and only put in the time element after the study is over. Working with your patients guarantees the best outputs for your study as it involves you in every step of the way. Giving the project ample time also helps ensure the best outputs.

While the tips stated above can be helpful when developing PICOT questions, it pays to understand the topic you will handle.

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