Term Paper Description

For this paper, you need to explore one very narrow, very specific slice of the vast technological pie out there. Now, some of these topics will work for a research essay and some will not. Most, if not all of them, are still too broad and would need to be narrowed to make an effective essay. Here are some topics to consider (all of which need to be narrowed in order to make this paper work).

Robots and/or artificial intelligence in relation to:

Human identity
Social media
Other topics that may interest you

Essentially, you want to pick a question, narrow it to something that you can answer in the space to which you are confined (five to seven pages, not including your works cited page and a formal outline). You must include – use and cite – at least three different kinds of sources for this research paper; and, of course, they all need to be cited properly using MLA 8th edition guidelines. Please consider using one of the handouts given out in class — or found on this Canvas site — as one of your sources. Some other possibilities for sources include:

The Internet (perhaps Google Scholar)
Interviews with expert authorities
Museum displays and literature
Online/Library databases


All papers must have the following characteristics:

1) Double-spaced, typed.

2) Use a sans-serif font such as Ariel or Calibri.

3) 12 point height.

4) Follow consistent MLA 8th edition formatting.

5) Written in third-person narrative perspective.

6) Length: 5-7 pages, not including a Works Cited page or any appendices.

7) A Works Cited page.

Good luck! I am sure you will have a good time with this project. Stay organized, and you can do just about anything!

Here are some possible ideas:

How has AI and/or robotics erased our notion of privacy?
How has social media changed our definitions of fame and celebrity (think in terms of “bots”)?
How is the average individual tracked or marketed to via AI?
How have AI and/or robotics changed the way we think (rewired our brains)?
How has social media altered our fundamental relationships (again, think of bots — they’re even on dating sites)?
How have microeconomic (or macroeconomic) changes been wrought due to AI or robotics advances?
How has AI and/or robotics altered our lifespans OR quality of life?
How has AI or robotics affected genetic testing and engineering?
What ways has AI and/or robotics changed our notion of privacy?
How is AI used by businesses?
How has modern AI and/or robotics infringed upon individual rights?
How has AI and/or robotics changed our relationship with money?
How is AI and/or robotics used to identify you?
How is AI and/or robotics used to steal your identity?
How has AI and/or robotics changed warfare?
In what ways is AI a threat?
How has AI and/or robotics changed espionage?
How is facial recognition AI and/or robotics used?
Other topics of your choice.

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