Strategic Management

Read Chapter 1, Case #32: Making Magic Happen on page 21 of your text. Answer 5 questions (a-e) in a 3-5 page, APA style paper (excluding title and reference pages), and support with the concepts outlined in your text and from your previous classes.

  1. What is the Disney Difference, and how does it affect the company’s corporate, competitive, and functional strategies?
  2. What challenges do you think Disney might face in doing business in Russia? In China? How could Iger and his top management team best prepare for those challenges?
  3. “The steward of the entire Disney brand”. What do you think it means that Iger views himself as this? Is this part of being an effective strategic leader? Explain. How might it affect the company’s strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation?
  4. How might Iger and his top management team use the strategic management process to “keep the magic coming” in the current economic climate?
  5. Do some research on CEO succession. What advice might you have for Disney’s board of directors as they prepare for this event?

Coulter, M. (2013). Strategic management in action (6th ed.

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