Sigmund Freud

The paper must be a minimum of 500 words/2 FULL pages long (double-space, Times New Roman, 12 pts font, ‘normal’ or 1 inch all around margins). This is an opportunity to apply what you are learning in the course to understanding yourself and your personality. Using 1 theorist of your choice, interpret and analyze your own personality development. View yourself through the eyes of this theorist and explain your personality. In your analysis, integrate 4 concepts from the theory. You are required to submit an APA style title page and reference page. You can use the textbook as your only reference but feel free to also incorporate outside primary sources (i.e., research articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals years 2008 to present). Your paper will be graded based on the following criteria:
• Length: 2 pages min. (excluding title page and references) 10 points
o 12 point, Times New Roman font, normal margins
• Correct application of four (4) theoretical concepts 60 points (15 pts per concept)
• Grammar, spelling and sentence structure 15 points
• APA formatted title page 5 points
• APA formatted in-text citations 5 points
• APA formatted reference page 5 points

Make sure you proofread, use proper APA format, and write at least 2 FULL pages

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