Religion Constraints on Women

The purpose of your research will be to see what academic literature has been produced on a specific topic within the field of Women’s Studies and to supplement that with credible popular sources that address important concerns not included in the academic literature. All of your sources (scholarly and popular) should directly address the topic you have chosen. Therefore, you will probably want to narrow your topic as much as possible, so your overall project will provide specific information that is useful to people rather than a generic overview of the issue.

Your paper should discuss both scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles (3) and popular sources (2) to explore this topic. For each source you will briefly summarize the material (with appropriate in-text citation) and discuss its relevance to the topic you have chosen. Your paper should also specifically identify what you learned, what you found interesting/surprising/confusing and why, your argument for why this is an important issue/topic/concern for people to be aware of, and how it fits within the field of Women’s Studies.

Other requirements: 1250-1500 words, consistently follow MLA, APA, or CMS format, a Reference or Work Cited page (not included in word count), double-spaced

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