Reflective writing

FOUR FULL pages (not including the cover and reference page)..

Please do research on the special education regarding reference specific laws mentioned below or more..

This final reflective journal will be a 4 page reflection on what was learned overall in the readings, lectures and in discussions, and how that learning can be used to improve one’s practice and learning. Be sure to support all claims with references from the course.

You are to address
•What you have learned about special education law –be specific and reference specific laws (IDEA, PL-94-142, ADA,)
•What did you learn about eligibility requirements (FPE, LRE…) and how that will impact your teaching?
•What you have learned about the legal requirements in the IEP process and how that will impact your teaching and practice
•What learning and understandings you have about transition planning
•What insights have you gained about collaboration with teachers, parents, administrators and paraprofessionals.
•What 5 things would you tell a new special education teacher about special ed law?
•Using the CEC code of ethics share your new understanding of the requirements you must uphold legally and ethically as a special educator.
•What new metacognitive understanding you have gained of yourself as a professional that will guide your future work with children with special needs?


Use the following headings:
•Learning About Special Education Law
•Learning About Eligibility Requirements
•Learning About the Legal Requirements in The IEP Process
•Learning About Transition Planning
•Learning About Collaboration
•5 Things New Teacher Must Know
•Legal and Ethical Insights
•Metacognitive Understanding

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