Poverty & Crime

TOPIC: Poverty & Crime What are the linkages, fallacies, viable remedies?

How should it look?

1. Introduction of the issue

1a. Clear statement of the problem

1b. Purpose of the study

1c. Significance of the study/ what will it add to the literature

2. Literature review (include a total of 5-10 peer reviewed sources )

2a. Current literature/studies related to your issue/problem

2b. This includes defining key terms and identifying problems identified in specific research

3. Research question/s followed by hypothesis/ hypotheses.

-Be specific!

4. Research Methodology:

Data collection method ( Textual and visual analysis of data collected, surveys etc.)

Proposed data analysis plan

5. Policy Implications

6. Bibliography list

  1. paper must have a cover page with the details
  2. paper must have page numbers starting right after the cover page
  3. paper (should not) exceed 10 pages (minimu 8page), not including cover page or reference list (in APA style).
  4. paper should be double space, 12 point font, with 1 inch margin on each side.

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