International Finance

Chapter 1:The return on your business is highly dependent on the potential demandfor the services you offer. The risk of your business is the uncertaintysurrounding the demand for your services (which affects your revenue)and the expenses associated with your business.A starting point for assessing the potential return and risk of yourbusiness is to review general background information about the potentialcustomers that may someday purchase your services.Go to and review the information provided in the “WorldFactbook” Country Profile for Japan.

Question 1:Identify the type of information listed here that may have someinfluence on the return and the risk of this business (of course,always explain WHY this information is relevant for your firm).

Chapter 2: Go to access the recent flow oftrade (merchandise and services) between your country and the U. S. Assess the change in the volume of trade between the U. S. and Japan rather than import and export data. You will also find the additionalwebsites listed in Chapter 2 of your text useful here (such ).

Question 2Does it appear that business relations between the two countries are increasing or decreasing based on the overall volume of trade between the US and Japan? . You may include a graph obtained from your internet source to facilitate your explanation.

Question 3: What does the trend in the volume of trade indicate about the potential number of Japanese students that would consider enrolling inU. S. universities? Explain your rationale.

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