1.  Founded in 1733, Georgia was (compared to the other colonies) _________________.

2.  An outstanding leader in the establishment of the Georgia colony in 1733 was _____________.

3.  The basic motives for establishing the colony Georgia between South Carolina and Spanish Florida were/was ______________________.

4.  Initially, the founders of the Georgia colony sought to do the following, EXCEPT:

5.  Georgia’s first base of operations (administrative headquarters) was established at _________.

6.  The economy of the Georgia colony was essentially dependent upon the production of (which commodity)?

7.  The improvement of the cotton gin had the following impact upon the economy of Georgia:

8.  During the Civil War (1861-1864), the State of Georgia__________________.

9.  The first Governor of Georgia since Reconstruction to publicly advocate racial equality was ___.

10.  The first Republican Governor to be elected in Georgia since Reconstruction was/is ________.

11.  Compared to the other states in the Union, Georgia has had ten different constitutions since its founding. This could be explained mainly by _____________________________.

12.  Georgia’s legislature is called the “Citizens’ Branch” of government because ___________.

13.  Georgia’s bicameral legislature consists of a ________________.

14.  In the Georgia General Assembly, administrative floor leaders are chosen by ___________.

15.  A resolution proposing an amendment to the Georgia State Constitution must be approved by which of the following before it is placed before the people for ratification?

16.  Duties as president of the Georgia State Senate are constitutionally prescribed for the _______.

17.  A session of the Georgia State legislature, as prescribed in the Constitution, lasts _________.

18.  The individual who acts as the presiding officer of the Georgia House of Representatives is formally known as the _________________.

19.  Georgia currently uses the ___________________ to elect members of its General Assembly.

20.  The Governor of Georgia serves a term of how many years, and limited to how many consecutive terms of office?

21.  Article V of Georgia’s 1983 Constitution mandates the election of a governor, lieutenant governor, and six other constitutional officers collectively referred to as ________________.

22.  The hands of Georgia’s Governor are further strengthened in the annual budget battle with the legislature by this constitutional provision:_____________________.

23.  The Governor of Georgia is constitutionally authorized to do the following EXCEPT___________ .

24.  Which of the following is appointed by the Governor of the State of Georgia?

25.  To be a judge of Georgia’s Supreme Court,  Georgia’s Courts of Appeals, or a Superior Court of Georgia one must meet the following qualifications EXCEPT:__________________.

26.  Which of the following is NOT a constitutional court in the State of Georgia?

27.  With the EXCEPTION of probate court judges and magistrates, judges in the State of Georgia are ________.

28.  Unlike the U.S Constitution which has the Bills of Rights as a set of amendments after the main constitution, Georgia’s Bill of Rights is found _________________.

29.  Which of the following elected officials serves as the legal advisor to the Executive Department of the State of Georgia and represents the state in court?

30.  Which of the following is NOT true of Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor?

31.  In a primary election in Georgia with three or more candidates, where no one candidate gets a majority, the winner is _____________________.

32.  Which of the following officials has responsibility for the coordination and supervision of elections in the State of Georgia?

33.  Which of the following is NOT true of the Georgia State Election Board?

34.  Members of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia are (method of selection)______________.

35.  A “closed primary” election is one in which ________________.

36.  The constitutional officers required for every county government include the Sheriff, Clerk of the Superior Court, Judge of the Probate Court, and the __________________.

37.  The principal governing body of each county in Georgia is called the _____________.

38.  Pieces of legislation passed by county and municipal governments are called _____________.

39.  In the case of bills passed by Georgia’s legislature after the thirty-fourth day of the 40-day session, the Governor _____________________.

40.  Special metropolitan courts created by Georgia General Assembly with jurisdiction in special areas like traffic violations are called ______________________.

41.  The Superior, State, Juvenile, Probate, and Magistrate courts in Georgia could all be classified as (type of court) _______________ .

42.  The constitutional protection for Georgia’s legislators that prevents law suits against them for any speech made during legislative sessions is known as the ______________.

43.  The apportionment or representation in both Georgia House and Senate is based on ________.

44.  Which of the following is NOT a constitutionally elected official in the State of Georgia?

45.  The current Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives is ________________.

46.  The non-lawmaking functions of Georgia’s General Assembly include all of the following EXCEPT:

47.  Georgia’s Supreme Court sits ______ justices en banc, while Georgia Courts of Appeals sit judges in groups of ______________.

48.  Georgia Governor’s limited judicial powers include which of the following?

49.  The powers of local governments in the State of Georgia are primarily derived from (which constitutional provision?)

50.  The total number of electoral votes  the State of Georgia is entitled to in presidential elections  based on the 2010 census is:

51.  The Georgia State Legislature convenes (how often?)


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