early man history

Make a list of the Fossil Record

Include the following information, you can construct a chart.

Popular name of the fossil, scientific name of the fossil( make sure you look up the correct spelling! this will effect your grade!) where it was found, who is given credit for finding it, when did they find it, How old is the fossil(when does it date back to?) HINT: Neanderthal is the first one to be found but it is the most recent fossil it was found in the 1890’s and it dates back to 40,000 ya){ya = Years ago} what is a significant piece of information about the fossil?

For example :

Lucy, Australopithecus afarensis, found by Donald Johansen Ethiopia, Africa in the 1970’s dates back to 3.4 mya is one of the most intact complete skeletons ever found.

2. Think about the concept of the “MISSING LINK” this is the way we originally thought about our evolutionary story. What were scientists originally looking for ? What features did they think our first human-like ancestor would have? How did this view change? What find changed the thinking? THis process happens again later on what information cause the search for the missing link to change course again? Explain.


Collect information about Pilt Down Man.

Explain what Pilt Down Man was and how the truth was revealed.

What lesson can we learn from Pilt Down Man.

4. Select one scientist you are exposed to in the video that impresses you and explain why. Make sure you spell his or her name correctly.

5. This video explores Neanderthal, among other extinct species. Compile a complete record of the information presented about Neanderthal be careful to listen closely to the speakers in the video, (ex. Prof Aiello, Cain, etc.) What is the theory presented for the extinction of Neanderthal?


A) Which fossil was the first one found in Africa Tell about this find and how it was received at the time.

B) Which fossil is the earliest human ancestor found in Africa?

7. Collect extensive details about Homo erectus. Include details about their sociality, expansion, and tool use, and harnessing fire. What is the scenario depicted in the video for this event and it’s impact on the species?

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