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While some readers have a lot to say about books they have read, some others are not particularly not fond of this. As a student in college, you have little to no choice because this is likely to encounter a book review as an assignment. However, if you enjoy reading or writing book reviews, then with this guide, you may consider making your passion come alive by writing book reviews beyond the classroom. There are good and credible sites once can read about book review writing. We, at All Homework Solutions, have compiled the following tips and guidelines to help you come up with a plausible book review.

Tips for writing book reviews

Below are some tips that can make the process of writing a book review easier for you:

  • Ensure that you read the book. Ensure that you read the entire book and not just parts of it as this will give you a balanced and complete understanding of the book, which will, in turn, help you appreciate the book fully.
  • Write just enough. As a reviewer, you should give a balanced overview of the book you are reviewing. However, if you give too much away in the process of writing the book review, the reader will barely be left with enough to discover for themselves. You should not use the book’s table of content to structure your review. Instead, organize the book review around your or the book’s argument
  • Let you your creativity flow. A well-written review is constructive and measured, even if it criticizes the book. This means that the review should focus on both the strengths and weaknesses of the book even if you feel that it leans to one side more than the other. Additionally, let your creativity flow so that the book review is interesting.
  • Analyze the book deeply. Unlike a book report, a book review does not simply do a summary of the plot, scenes, and The book review will also go deeper to ensure that it analyses how motifs and theme interact in the book and how effectively they have been conveyed by the characters. While this may be one of the most challenging activities when writing a book review, we at All Homework Solutions are always ready to help you and will write a comprehensive book report for you.
  • Form more than a simple opinion. Instead of simply saying that the book was either simply good or bad or that you liked it or not. Use evidence from the book to explain your point of view as this makes your opinion plausible.
  • Consider whether the book is fiction or non-fiction. When handling a fiction book review, ensure that you remain subjective. Your review should be like a reaction to the book, the plot, and If you handle a non-fiction review, the review should take a different tone, handling issues such as how the author has handled the subject matter and whether they have told the story most appropriately.
  • Many writers may fall into the temptation to criticize the author for what they have written. While you may prefer that the author handles some subjects in a certain way, do not judge them for writing it the way they did. You can subtly note that for instance, the author wrote about immigration but did not address the issue of Latinos, you may point it out. However, belaboring this point may act against your interests. As such, you must ensure that your criticism in the review is limited and brief.
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Structure of a book review

As has been noted above, your review should not be based on a chapter-to-chapter analysis of the book. Here is a potential structure for your book as suggested by some of the best writers at All Homework Solutions. If you still have any further questions about how you can structure your review, feel free to contact us.

  • In your introduction, include the bibliographic citation of the book. This will include the title, name of the author, publisher, edition, date of publication and any special features. While these may seem trivial, they are important features that will help the reader of the book review identify the book in question.
  • Thesis paragraph. In this paragraph, the writer should identify the thesis of the book and discuss whether the author accomplished the purpose he/she had set out on at the beginning.
  • Summary paragraph(s). Remember to dedicate one or two paragraphs to provide a comprehensive but not overdone summary of the book as you have read it.
  • Strength paragraph. Here, outline the strengths of the book as you see them.
  • Weaknesses paragraph. In this paragraph, you will outline the weaknesses of the book, but remember not to overdo it.

At this point, you should not have any doubts about the quality of your work. However, if you still have any doubts or would like help with the assignment, feel free to engage us at All Homework Solutions and our dedicated team will guide you through your book review assignment.

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