10 Best Summer Destinations to Visit

Are you looking for the best summer destinations to visit during the summer holidays? It can be a challenge in choosing summer destinations that will match your various needs such as interests and budget.

Top ten best summer destinations

Krakow, Poland

best summer destinations: Krakow, Poland

Krakow is one of the best summer destinations. Not only is it a trip to Krakow affordable, but also offers you an opportunity to dive into its rich history and experience its stunning views. Krakow features quaint streets that would make any traveler stroll on them all day. Krakow is an architectural masterpiece with its lively squares, charming streets, soaring churches, magnificent sights and museums, and iconic buildings.

Some delightful places to visit when in Krakow include the Wawel Castle, the Old Town, St Mary’s Basilica, the Jewish District, Collegium Minus, Museum of Pharmacy, Kosciuszko Mound, and Schindler’s Factory. Visit Auschwitz to experience World War II history first-hand.

Learn about Pope John Paul II. Do not forget the Rynek Glowny square’ Europe’s biggest square. A day or two exploring the Glowny square is a must try. The Wieliczka salt mine is another traveler’s delight. Explore the salt caverns, the delicately carved underground chapels and the maze of tunnels.

Krakow is not only an architectural marvel and a historical hub. It also offers a raucous nightlife, entertainment concerts, a diverse cuisine, and endless outdoor adventure. Whether it’s in the fabulous restaurants or the food truck parks, Polish cuisine is a must have for genuinely unforgettable meals. Experience endless outdoor fun in Krakow. Krakow is home to lakes with beaches.

There are other outdoor activities such as biking, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, rafting, camping, farm tours, etc that make Krakow one of the best summer destinations. Hikers will undoubtedly be charmed by the stupendous Tatra Mountains.

If you want to have a priceless experience for a fraction of the price, Krakow is the place to visit.

Santorini, Greece

best summer destinations: Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a Cyclades island in the Aegean Sea. Santorini is an enchanting paradise with motley cliffs that wing their way out of the sea drowned caldera, dazzling white-washed villages and, blue-domed churches. With its endless blue waters, volcanic sand beaches, breathtaking panoramas, and scarlet sunsets that adorn the Santorini sky with garnish splendor, it is no surprise that Santorini is a magnet for tourists.

Brighten your days walking around the volcano and enjoying the warm springs. Feed your senses by circumnavigating the caldera. Watch the scenic island from the caldera and appreciate its seductive beauty. Create unforgettable memories by walking on the edge of the caldera from Fira to Firosteni, to Imerovigli, then to Oia. A visit to the archaeological wonder of Aegean, Akrotiri, is a must.

Although the island is famed for its undeniably coruscating landscape, Santorini does more than providing a feast for the eyes. Experience a warm, relaxing feeling under your feet as you walk on the black and red volcanic sand. Relish the island’s flavors by pairing its award-winning dishes with a bottle of the robust Vinsanto wine specially made from the wineries of Santorini’s ancient vineyard.

Enjoy the mystical sunsets and get lost in the magic of the melodic tune created by the caws of the seagulls, the crashing waves, and the island’s traditional music. Crown the magical day with a kingly accommodation in the unique luxurious suites. There is no doubt that Santorini is one of the best summer destinations.

Hvar, Croatia

best summer destinations: Hvar, Croatia

Hvar is the island of beauty in the Adriatic Sea.  The island’s idyllic views and attractive swimming spots make it one of Croatia’s most popular summer destinations. Adding to Hvar’s charm are vast lavender fields, vineyards, and ancient olive trees. Hvar also offers its remarkable historic architecture and a vibrant party scene.

Relish the island’s delicious meals in one of its restaurants.  Complete your meal with one of Croatia’s best wines. Appreciate the opulence of Hvar by visiting one of its numerous swanky hotels. Enjoy breathtaking views of the majestic island from the rampart of the medieval castle, another attractive spot itself. Stroll in the lovely streets of the old town or along the promenade and appreciate Hvar’s attractions.

Take a boat excursion to Pakleni and enjoy the isolated beaches and picturesque coves. Uncover the historic sea wrecks and all types of sea creatures in the clear waters of the island.  Go to Zabara for a memorable beach experience under the pine trees.

There is plenty of adventure in Hvar. Spend your day kayaking, rock climbing, snorkeling, cycling or taking a jeep safari through one of the abandoned villages. Visit the deserted hamlet in Humac and the Neolithic cave dwellings which are a distance from the hamlet. Discover the priceless treasures of this luxurious island by making it one of your favorite and best summer destinations.

Barcelona, Spain

best summer destinations: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the city of art and architecture. Apart from its irresistibly appealing architecture, the stunning seaside capital has a paced nightlife scene, rich tradition, and unparalleled dining experience. Barcelona is festooned with mind-blowing architecture.

It’s nothing you have seen before. Underground stone corridors, ancient temple columns, and the old walls embrace the Roman Barcino era that began in the 1st century BC to the beginning of the middle age. Meet the Gothic Quarter, a famous landmark in the heart of Barcelona.

The Gothic Quarter comprises ancient buildings built between Roman times and the 20th century. Admire its labyrinth of winding streets and hidden squares. Apart from the resplendent buildings, you will be floored by the unexpected treasures of this architectural spectacle.

The Església de Santa Maria del is one of the eye-catching cathedrals that is an extraordinary work of Gothic construction. Marvel at the awe-inspiring rooftop sculptures or the La Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudí. Appreciate the two major architectural styles that have influenced the face of Barcelona, Catalan Gothic, and Modernisme. Visit Barcelona’s major museums to experience the works of distinguished artists. You will be struck by the hallucinogenic works of Jaon Miro and Pablo Picasso.

Catalan cooking is esteemed in Barcelona. Feast on the delectable dishes that are served in inviting settings. Gobble down the authentic paella at the seafront tables or enjoy the 1920s ambiance of the art nouveau dining rooms. Barcelona has a rich culinary landscape: Basque-style pintxos bars, chocolate shops, avant-garde Japanese eateries, and Galician seafood bistros.

Create memories under the Iberian sun.  Take a refreshing dip in the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Go for a bike ride, a jog, or a leisure stroll along the beautiful seaside. Enjoy the captivating view of the turquoise waters on a sunset cruise or while kayaking or paddle boarding.

Escape the city buzz and go for a hike or mountain biking at the scenic forest covered Collserola mountain range. Enjoy the beauty of nature and get a bird’s eye view of the cityscape. Explore the Montjuïc hill for breathtaking views at every corner. Admire the picturesque gardens, world-class museums, the old castle, and other numerous attractions.

Barcelona’s nightlife is a unique experience of its own. From the sunset drinks at the picturesque terrace or the beachside bar (chiringuito) to traditional taverns with 19th-century artwork, lively cava bars, and late-night clubs, explore Barcelona’s barefaced wild party scene.

The night is welcomed with live music which transforms the city into a pomp of brassy jazz, flamenco music, and indie-rock.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

best summer destinations: Dubrovnik, Croatia

It is with no doubt that Croatia tops when it comes to having one of the best summer destinations. The southern Croatian town overlooks the Adriatic Sea. The magnificent walled city is famous for its ancient nature and the sense of awe that descends on the visitor immediately they set foot in the enthralling surroundings.

The city’s charm is undeniable and each moment feels new regardless of the number of times you are visiting it.  Whether it is a walk on the limestone streets, diving into the azure waters, admiring the baroque buildings, the aristocratic palazzo, or the Herculean medieval city walls, each moment in Dubrovnik is unique and spell-binding.

Appreciate Dubrovnik past in museums awash with art and artifacts that bring the city’s history to life. Ride on a cable car to Mt Srd, and enjoy the climbing the narrow lanes. Add to this the picturesque beaches, the numerous eateries providing flavorful meals, sophisticated world-class hotels, and a myriad of adventurous sports facilities, and you have a summer vacation of a lifetime.

If you are a fan of The Game of Thrones, then a visit to Dubrovnik is your wildest fantasy come true. In recent years, the old town has been the filming location for the television series. It’s no wonder that the city is one of the most desired summer destinations.

Lisbon, Portugal

best summer destinations: Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the city adorned with Gothic glamour. The magnificent capital of Portugal has a postcard-perfect landscape. Surrounding the city of pastel-colored buildings, ancient ruins, cobblestone streets, white-domed cathedrals, pellucid skies, and the deific Tagus River are seven cinematic hills. Besides being exotic, Lisbon is also one of the most inexpensive summer destinations in Western Europe.

Discover the deep-rooted heritage and extensive history of Lisbon. Visit Belem and learn about the kings and queens of Portugal from the Museu dos Coches, the world’s most extensive collection of royal paintings. Tour the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia and marvel at the bronze age metalwork and Roman mosaics.

Do not forget to visit the Museu de Marinha museum which pays tribute to the golden age navigators. Get a view of the best pieces of the 20th-century art inside the Belem Cultural Center. Appreciate the 16th-century architectural gem the Torre de Belém standing robustly next to the resplendent waterfront.

Take a trip back in time by visiting the emblematic symbol of Lisbon, Sao Jorge Castle resting peacefully on the summit of a hill. Get an intoxicating view of the city and learn about its history and diverse heritage.

Explore the Gulbenkian.  The Gulbenkian comprises of museums, emblematic gardens, and facilities for the visitor’s comfort. Feast your eyes on Rene Lalique’s jewel collection and numerous art collections ranging from Egyptian Art, Greco-Roman art, to European Decorative Arts.

Appreciate the work of British and Portuguese artists at the Centro de Arte Moderna. With a beckoning exterior made of scintillating white stone, the museum of Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology should be on your list of top places to visit while in Lisbon.

Experience the thrilling tram rides of Belem. Enjoy fishing, seafaring and other adventures in the majestic Tagus River. Relax in the sandy beaches of Estoril and Cascais. Trudging along the ashy sands makes you an honored guest at nature’s behest, with the surrounding scene vaunting wealthy acts of life; for example, the invigorating feeling of vocation as you watch people of diverse groups getting inebriated by the cloying enchantment of the afternoon sunbath.

Pay a visit to the Emporium, A Vida Portuguesa, and buy some old Portuguese products and brands. If you are a vintage lover, Lisbon is the place to be. The city overflows with antique shops.

Known for its rich dining experience, Lisbon offers you myriads of saporific dishes to choose from, not to forget its fabled fresh seafood. Whether it’s the Alentejan succulent steaks, the zesty Indian curries or the lip-smacking Moroccan couscous served in between, rest assured that you will savor each bite with relish. 

Don’t be fooled by the façade of Lisbon’s languid cityscape. From cheap liquor, fado houses, upscale bars, to megaclubs, it is evident that the city adores an uninhibited nightlife scene. With its many pleasures, long hot summers, and a welcoming all-year-round climate, Lisbon is deserving of the title of one of the best summer destinations in the world.

Bali, Indonesia

best summer destinations: Bali, Indonesia

Bali proudly outshines all the other top summer destinations in the Indonesian archipelago. The island is the traveler’s dream come true.  Bali is a paradise of forested volcanic mountains, white sand beaches, strikingly beautiful rice fields, and a breathtaking underwater world.

Experience a taste of Bali’s complex and unique culture. Bali’s culture is deeply imbued with rich traditions, and religious beliefs and practices expressed through diverse and vibrant arts. There are countless temples in Bali. Some include the famous Ukwatu temple by the cliff side and the hillside temple Pura Luhuru Batukau.

Scattered flower petal offerings, numerous spiritual ceremonies, and island-wide traditional cultural music and dance performances, often greet tourists who frequently find themselves sandwiched in the midst of a crowd of jovial locals who are matching to the temple ceremonies.

Bali has numerous pleasures that will satisfy you to your soul’s delight. The island has a handful of exciting destinations. Visit Kuta and Legian for endless entertainment in its raging bars. Lose yourself in the extravagance of the Seminyak Kerobokan beach resort area.  Enjoy a relaxed coastal vibe in Sanur if you want a quieter experience.

Move southeast of Bali to the island of dreams, the idyllic Nusa Lembongan with pristine course sand beaches, towering cliffs, spectacular sea views, lush mangrove forests, and other transcendent attractions. Ubud gives you a distinct travel experience. The epicenter of Balinese culture offers you more than mystical temples and ethereal rice paddies. Ubud is the treasure trove of scrumptious food, art, culture, and wellness. Wrap up your Bali experience at Canggu which offers a slice of each of the Bali goodies.

Don’t just soak up the sun on the beach, go surfing and snorkeling as well.  Join other surfers from different parts of the world at the surfer’s haven, Canggu. Bali is a hotspot for marine life. Explore Bali’s rich underwater world and see the sublime coral reefs, tropical creatures, World War II shipwrecks, and the largest human-made coral reef in the world.

Other than the paradisiacal landscape and many sybaritic pleasures, Bali has genuinely warm people. Capture the essence of Bali and discover more of its priceless treasures by making it one of your must-see summer destinations.

Budapest, Hungary

best summer destinations: Budapest, Hungary

Hungary does not feature as one of the many summer destinations in the bucket lists of most travelers. However, Budapest is strikingly beautiful. Moreover, it is also easy on the pocket of tourists. You will be amazed at how inexpensive Budapest is despite its allure.

Buildings of architectural marvel and eye-catching attractions are synonymous with Budapest. Take a walk or a boat ride along on the majestic Danube that runs through the city. Its banks are surrounded by fine architectural buildings, striking skylines, and mind-blowing attractions such as the Neo-Gothic parliament, the Shoes on the Danube, the Buda Castle, and the Gellert Hill. 

Visit the City Park and enjoy the thermal baths of Széchenyi, the Circus, the Museum of Agriculture, the Zoo, and row boating at the pond.

Andrássy út, Budapest’s most attractive boulevard makes for a fascinating stroll. The piquant avenue is lined with buildings that demonstrate architectural prowess. The Margaret island provides a feast for all the senses.

The beautiful park comprises of an open-air theatre, swimming pool complexes, petting zoo, music fountain, picnic spot, a padded jogging path, and restaurants. Other angelic sites include the Heroes Square and the Franz Liszt Academy of Music.

Budapest is steeped in history and culture. Some iconic historical sites in the extraordinary city include the Buda Castle, a residence for Hungarian kings built in the 1200s, the Neo-Gothic Parliament, the Shoes on the Danube commemorating the Jews who were killed at the Danube during World War II, and the Heroes Square that hosts statues of prominent Hungarian historical figures and the Archangel Gabriel overlying the Millennium monument which remind travelers of the Magyar era.

The culturally rich city has festivals all year round. There is a three-month summer festival you don’t want to miss. Other cultural events include the Budapest Spring Festival and Café Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival during autumn. Concerts are synonymous with Budapest. Travelers often bump into free concerts in parks and squares throughout the year.

Visiting one of Budapest’s concert halls will be a rewarding experience. The Franz Liszt Academy of Music is one of them. It was built in 1875 by Franz Liszt, a Hungarian composer. The concert hall is worth a look even if you do not want to attend a live performance. You will be smitten by its alluring design.

Other concert halls that are a must visit for travelers are Duna Palota in downtown, Béla Bartók National Concert Hall in the Palace of Arts/MüPa, Pesti Vigadó on the Danube Promenade, and the Budapest Music Center. Budapest has over 100 museums that have exciting exhibitions that feature art, history, gastronomy, and science.

As one of the finest summer destinations, Budapest offers tourists an experience of a lifetime. Apart from its seductive appeal and indisputably picturesque landscape, Budapest provides a host of activities for a jam-packed vacation of adventure.

There are open-air pools for relaxing outdoor baths, unforgettable cruise parties on the Danube, April-November Saturday parties in the Széchenyi Bath, lots of festivals and concerts, a raging nightlife scene, a host of outdoor activities, endless shopping experience, exceptional dining facilities, and exquisite accommodation facilities.  Indeed, Budapest is the traveler’s delight. Don’t miss out on the fun, make Budapest one of your best summer destinations this year.

Rome, Italy

best summer destinations: Rome, Italy

Journey into the past by visiting Italy’s statuesque capital, one of the most attractive summer destinations in the world. The vibrant city is a historical haven with evocative ruins and phenomenal art.

The city’s landscape is a stupendous wonder.  The city is awash with ostentatious piazzas and obstructive fountains that give Rome’s quaint streets a baroque vibe. Go back in time and experience the rich history of Rome by visiting the city ruins of the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, and the Pantheon.

It is mind-blowing how vividly you can picture ancient Rome thanks to how well these ancient icons have preserved its history. The architectural ingenuity employed in their constructions tells us of Rome in its heyday. The city displays awe-striking basilicas as if to remind the tourist that it is the capital for the Catholic church. Standing majestically at the Vatican is the monumental St. Peter’s Basilica, a true testimony of the dexterity of Renaissance architects.

When talking of artistic prowess, Rome is no rival. The city is known to stir shivers in the masters of Western art causing them to stretch their creative powers. Matchless artistic treasures characterize the city of Rome. Its museums are adorned with sculptures curved with unrivaled expertise.

Renaissance frescoes and Byzantine mosaics characterize Rome’s art filed churches. Walk around and effortlessly see the finest pieces by the genius brains behind Western art; the best sculptures by Michelangelo, frescoes by Raphael, canvases by Caravaggio, and fountains by Bernini. For 21st Century art lovers, do not worry, Rome is not all about Baroque and Renaissance Art. Visit Rome’s MACRO and MAXXI modern art museums and experience the best of contemporary art.

Rome is a balance of fine living, art, and culture. A true Rome experience is strolling the picturesque streets, throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain, admiring the city’s spell-binding views, climbing the Spanish steps, fruit, and vegetable shopping at the Mercato, exploring the Trastevere, passing time by the street side cafes, and watching the inviting piazzas.

Join the crowd in bidding the day goodbye by breaking for Aperivito, the Italian happy hour. Dance the night away at its bustling cocktail bars and late-night clubs. Experience Rome’s first-rate dining experience at its outstanding contemporary restaurants.

Get a taste of the toothsome Italian dishes, the La Cucina Povera, and its legendary pizzas at the ebullient pizzeria or the affable neighborhood trattoria. Locals are obsessed with them. An Italian meal would not be complete without a glass of calming wine.

What better place to get that than Italy’s winery powerhouse, the Castelli Romani? Get a sip of Rome’s signature Frascati wine and you will be grateful that wine is part of Italy’s culinary tradition. The feast will not be complete without a taste of Rome’s famous espresso.

Rome is a shopper’s dream come true. Whether its souvenirs, handicrafts, wooden figurines, expensive wear, or fanciful jewelry, name it, Rome has it all. Add Rome to your best summer destinations list and experience the Italian magic.

Cassis, France

best summer destinations: Cassis, France

Forget Paris, meet France’s best-hidden treasure in the south, Cassis. Cassis is a charming Mediterranean town with turquoise waters, picture-perfect beaches, jaw-dropping Calanques, ochre-colored cliffs of Cap Canaille, and plenty of other beguiling features. Adding to its mystique appeal is the palatial French Chateau that overlooks it.  It’s not a surprise that it is one of the most desired summer destinations.

“A green jewel coruscating afloat the blue tint of the Mediterranean.” Cassis has a lot to offer its visitors. Exploring Cassis Old Town is an exhilarating experience. Take photos and enjoy the region’s famous lavender ice-cream as you stroll the inveigling old town.

Walk on the beautiful thick cobbled streets and admire the Mascarons Houses that bring the 18th-century architecture back to life. Marvel at old town’s buildings that echo the glory of middle-age architecture. Enjoy a cold drink in one of its numerous waterfront restaurants as you gaze at the azure blue waters and the stunning scenery framed with richly colored flowers.

Hike at the famous Calanques of Cassis. Enjoy the climbing views that have been brightened by the hot summer sun and let the cooling breeze ignite your senses. Admire the soilless mountains that are surrounded by evergreen trees, limestone cliff faces, and sheer drops. The icing on the cake is not the thrill of hiking but the scenic beaches at the end of each inlet that give you the opportunity to cool off.

Cassis is not only a fishing town but also a winery hub. The versatility and natural flavors of the sea, and the endless treasures of the wine cellars are all yours. A taste of Cassis’s seafood will leave you swearing by town’s cuisine. Finish your meal with a glass of white wine from the vast vineyards of Cassis that adorn the hills with majestic splendor.

Kiss the fast-paced life goodbye and embrace a world where each moment of life is lived. Feel the sense of timelessness as you watch the locals play beach volleyball, boccie or soccer late at night. Fall in love with the old way of living where people hang around and socialize in the night instead of being glued to their gadgets and television sets. This gem of the French Rivera is definitely one of the must-visit summer destinations.

If you are a student, there is always a myriad of activities to partake in during summer. Coupled with the above summer destinations, the activities can be conducted anywhere.

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