Young Children

Question 1

Throughout this course, we have explored many aspects of play and the growth and development of young children. You now have a foundation of knowledge about play as well as stages of growth and development in relation to play that you can utilize in your work with children. The purpose of this final discussion is to provide an opportunity for you to reflect on what you have learned about play, identify what you would still like to learn on this topic, and share how you might apply what you have learned to a practical setting.

Initial Post: Create an initial post in which you address the following points in at least one paragraph each:

  • Describe the two components of the course that have influenced your thinking the most about play and young children.
  • Identify one change or new learning strategy you will implement as a result of the knowledge you have gained from this course. Provide specific examples.

Question 2

Answer in at least 150 words- Define child development. Describe Jean Piaget’s Cognitive-Development Theory and summarize its major assumptions. Evaluate its strengths or weaknesses.

Answer in at least 150- Identify the three periods of prenatal development and indicate one characteristic of each stage. What are some effects of maternal stress on the developing baby?

Please use a line break between each to separate the sections

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