Yeats and Postcolonial studies

Using Yeats’ poems (“The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” “The Second Coming, “Easter, 1916,” and “Leda and the Swan,” along with any other poems or works by Yeats), discuss how his work was decolonizing in nature. In a smaller paper, I focused on the Irish national identity and how Yeats affected it, along with how his mythical/mystical writing created a new history for the Irish free of the British colonizers. Take or leave it, just a stepping-off point.

There must be a paragraph tying this paper into World Literature (uneven development, circulation, core-periphery, or etc.) in some way. It just a requirement of the assignment. My idea was to talk about circulation from periphery to center, and how the center appropriates the work (i.e. Yeats wins the Nobel prize).

I used Edward Said’s “Yeats and Decolonization” (free online, short article) as my stepping-off point to analyze it all. This is not required for you, but it might be the easiest to use. If not Said, I need one of the major theorists included (Damerosch, Casanova, Moretti, Spivak, Mufti, or Wallerstein).

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