Written News Journal Assignment

Locate a very recent (2021 or 2022) news article from a major news source, either in print or online in the: (Pick One) AND SHARE THE ARTICLE WITH ME WHEN YOU SUBMIT THE PAPER.

You can choose from any news big news outlets in the United States or New York State like the ones below:

New York Daily News, New York Post

Washington Post



The article should relate to a Human Service issue concerning one of the following: Immigration…



Child Welfare…


Select a very recent article (2021 or 2022) that is of interest to you as a future Human Service worker. Identify the policy theme or strategy illustrated by the article and discuss its relevance to the Human Service profession. 

The one Source would be the Article. Add the article to the reference page.

Answer the following bellow:

1.) Give a detailed summary of the article. Please explain in detail and cite all information.

2.) What were 4 things that stood out from the article and why? Please explain in detail

4.) Please give 3 reasons how this article relates to the Human Services Field & how it impacts workers? Please explain in detail

5.) How can the federal or local government help to aid the issue(s) stated in the article? Please explain in detail

6.) What are 2 suggestions or changes for moving forward to help this issue on your article topic especially as it relates to Human Services workers?  And why do you want these changes? Please explain in detail

Format and Style -Essays should follow the following formatting guidelines: Font: Times New Roman 12, Spacing: double-spaced, Margins: 1-inch, Page Numbers: lower right corner, Title Page: centered on page 1, underlined, size 12 font. 1-2 pages.

The only source would be the article you pick. Please put it on the reference page at the end of the paper.

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