Writing a Business Letter


  1. You are writing a business letter to a consultant who might help you start a business. To fit more text on a single page, change the document margins to Moderate.
  2. Change the theme to Office so your professional document uses standard fonts and colors.
  3. To create a letterhead, insert a shape with text as follows:
    a. At the beginning of the document, insert a Round Diagonal Corner Rectangle from the Rectangles section of the Shapes gallery (Hint: Depending on your version of Office, the Rectangle Shape may be named Rectangle: Diagonal Corners Rounded instead).
    b. Resize the shape to a height of 0.75″ and a width of 6.4″.
    c. Set the position of the shape to Position in Top Left with Square Text Wrapping [Mac Hint: Position in Top Left].
    d. Change the text wrapping to Top and Bottom.
    e. Change the shape style to Moderate Effect – Orange, Accent 2.
    f. Add the text The Orange Whisk to the shape.
    g. Increase the font size of the text to 28 pt.
  4. Format the picture of the whisk as follows:
    a. Resize the picture to 75% of its original size.
    b. Recolor the picture using Orange, Accent color 2 Dark.
    c. Add an Orange, Accent 2 border to the picture.
    d. Change the text wrapping to Square.
    e. Move the picture to the right of the Round Diagonal Corner Rectangle as shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Formatted Whisk Picture

  1. In the address line (“280 Silver River Road…orangewhisk.cengage.com”), insert a space after the phone number, and then insert a round bullet symbol (in the Symbol gallery, select the Symbol font and character code 183).
  2. Convert the orangewhisk.cengage.com hyperlink to regular text to make the address line easier to read.
  3. Apply the default Bottom Border to the address line paragraph.
  4. Add a left tab stop at 4″ to the date line “November 2, 2017”. Insert a tab so that the complete date is aligned with the new tab stop.
  5. Merge the two cells in the first row of the Orange Whisk Start-up Finances table, and then center the text in the new merged cell.
  6. Change the font to Calibri Light for the text in the second row of the table.
  7. Add a new row to the bottom of the table with the text shown in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2: New Table Row

  1. In the blank paragraph near the bottom of the page (after the paragraph “I have recently completed…my market research:”), insert a table with two columns and four rows. Enter the table data as shown in Figure 3 below.

Figure 3: New Table

  1. Format the new table as follows:
    a. Apply the Grid Table 4 – Accent 2 style.
    b. Format the table using AutoFit Contents.
    c. Center the text in column 2, rows 2–4.
    d. Center the table on the page.
  2. At the bottom of the document, format the picture of the letter W as follows:
    a. Resize the picture to a height of 0.5″ and a width of 0.75″.
    b. Recolor the picture using Orange, Accent color 2 Dark.
    Your document should look like the Final Figure on the following page. Save your changes, close the document, and then exit Word. Follow the directions on the SAM website to submit your completed project.

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