Working in Partnership

The Assessment One Resit requires you to write a 1500 word report on the importance of WIP and the policy that supports the successful collaboration of partnership. The report should be structured in the typical report style and should be fully referenced with regards to textbooks used to research this subject and sources of policies discussed.
Report Question for Assessment One Resit:
“Discuss the importance of Work in Partnership and the Policy which supports the successful collaboration of partnership. Please use examples to illustrate your answer.”
Report Guidance for Assessment One

  1. Define and discuss what WIP is
  2. Describe why policy is important for Work in Partnership
  3. Provide examples of successful AND/OR unsuccessful Work in Partnership
  4. Evaluate the success or failure of these examples in terms of the policies employed to implement Work in Partnership, with a special focus on collaboration co-operation, co-ordination and communication) within your given examples.
  5. HINTS: Some initial ideas, for example you could possibly research the following further:

• Sure start programs within your local area; any reports of scenarios involving this or any other documented cases within Children’s Services. The types of policy you might see involved here are the Every Child Matters policy.
• Cases of Health professionals working with schools; this could be in connection with hygiene or obesity or anything that you can find. The types of policy you might see here would be Getting It Right for Every Child GIFREC
• Community Greenspace projects. It’s a good idea to research your local area and see what’s been happening and if you can identify any partnership projects that have been undertaken and then research them. Type of policy you might see here would be the Scottish Executives (2006) Regeneration Policy.
• Self-harm Protection Partnership: You may find some reports within the news regarding cases of self-harm, especially within Schools etc. The type of policy associated with this may be Safeguarding Policies.
• Any documented cases of child abuse
• You could look at something like the recent Grenfell Towers disaster. What were the partnerships surrounding this and the policies involved? What were the key failures and successes?
Overall, the important thing here is to find any documented situation that involves a partnership with the formulation or attainment of an agency goal, objective, deadline, target, etc. That has clear identifiable communications and decision-making between people from different agencies or client groups

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