Workflow Concepts

Question 1

Competency Assessed: Demonstrate workflow concepts.


Demonstrate workflow concepts that would assist in managing the transition to the new EHR system.

Examine at least two (2) workflow concepts (e.g., use cases, top down diagrams, swimlane diagrams,

etc.). Provide a visual example of each and discuss its use in supporting internal policies, processes,

and organizational structure decision making.

Question 2

Competency Assessed: Apply project management techniques to ensure efficient workflow and

appropriate outcomes.


Demonstrate project management techniques that you would use for the EHR transition to ensure

efficient workflow and appropriate outcomes. Select at least two (2) techniques (e.g., Gantt charts,

benchmarking, risk analysis) for interpretation. Provide an example of each and discuss how the two

project management techniques can be used to achieve outcomes that ensure regulatory compliance.

Assignment Requirements

● Please complete all parts in a Microsoft Word document.

● The body of your document should be at least 1500 words in length.

● Quoting should be less than 10% of the entire paper. Paraphrasing is necessary.

● Students must cite and reference at least 4 credible sources.

Submit your work to the appropriate Dropbox.

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