Women in Fairytales

The paper needs an old source which would be De Beaumont version of “Beauty and the Beast , a modern source which is the modern film of Beauty and the Beast and a critical source which would be Kimberly Walsh ” Beauty and the patriarchal beast: Gender role portrayals in sitcoms featuring mismatched couples.
please engage with the sources and use quotes to strengthen and support thesis.

I want to paper to foucus on the genders roles- specifically looking into the role of Belle in both tale and movie versions Belle sacrifices herslef to free her father from the Beast- that same act of bravery,intellectualism and heroism is diminished by the musically in the disney version. So despite, how gender roles have evolved over time especially with the protrayal of females- the musciality trait and thier beauty given to the princesses over shadow there herione characters. so their evolution has also taken a few steps back.
Must include a scholarly/academic secondary source, which either directly critiques the work(s) about which you’re writing or which contains a critical perspective that you want to use in your paper. Any essay you write must follow MLA guidelines for citation and documentation, even when you’re only referring to the primary source material. In other words, you must cite any source you use (in the form of quotes and/or paraphrases) in your essay. (Note: Failure to cite your sources will be considered plagiarism, and will result in a failing grade for the paper – and possibly for the entire course.)

Essays must include a balanced and thoughtful discussion of one of the classic works on our syllabus and a work based on that specific tale which is not on the syllabus. This second version does not have to be a written version. You may, for example, wish to discuss the Julia Roberts’ film Pretty Woman, focusing on the ways in which it relates to “Cinderella.”

I expect to see a serious examination of some aspect of your chosen fairy tale/legend in each essay (e.g., gender dynamics, the role of animal “helpers;” cross-cultural differences; homoerotic subtext; the intersection of magic and Christianity; the treatment/non-treatment of race or religion; or whatever else you find interesting about the tale). However, a serious discussion does not mean that the tone of your essay need be particularly serious.

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