i want a proper email which i can be reconsidered to continue my course not be withdrawn. Sort of like an apology email that i regret not engaging in some school works that i have not submitted like coursework, but if only i can be considered there is a resit in july that i can take to continue my course. I just dont want to be withdrawn because things are going to be worst for me, also i have an outstanding debt from the Uni of £1,250 which my father agrees and wants to pay in full with my september tuition fee if possible.
Things changed for me ever since i lost my mother recently, i am in a situation were i just think a lot and just start crying.

Following on from your recent visit to the visa hub to discuss the withdrawal from your course I am now emailing with a quick update. As we discussed, if you wish the decision to withdraw you from your course to be reconsidered,

I also note that your student record indicates that you have an outstanding debt to the University, and it is unlikely that we will be unable to reinstate you onto your course until this has been cleared.

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