Wireless Mobile


Wireless mobile networks provide services by connecting wireless devices to an Internet-connected data access network, enabling users to create, send, and receive an email, Web-based chat, voice mail, and file transfers, among other services. Some wireless carriers offer different wireless and wired market services, while others sell a combination of wireless and wired networks to their customers (Conti et al., 2017). Wireless Mobile Networks are networks consisting of a fixed base of wireless devices and a network operator’s equipment connected to the fixed base. Wireless mobile networks are mobile data communications systems that enable a mobile computer or mobile device to access and transmit data to and from a wireline network. It is typically carried over a fixed or dedicated network connection. They are designed primarily for wireless telephony, but they can also include transmitting data to other wireless devices, typically installed on phones and tablets, computers, and other mobile devices. With its 4G technology, Sprint can offer faster and higher-quality customer data (Conti et al., 2017). 

The wireless network speeds at the 2Gbps rate are the highest in the United States. Many believe 3G is the future of the internet, and the most common mobile networks use technology to create a fast and reliable connection over long distances. However, this makes it difficult to deploy high bandwidth applications, such as 3G or 4G (Bukht & Heeks, 2017). There is a need for greater availability of fast connectivity as more networks are built to cater to growing demands. When a network is operating at over 2Gbps, the network’s performance increases by 30 times and increases the device’s battery life by about 10 percent. Organizers and guests need to consider that they want to share with the community and to stay connected. Guests need to know that Wi-Fi is not always available or will sometimes not be available in certain locations. Organizers may want to try to find a better location in the area. Organizers can include Wi-Fi hotspots with their events. They can provide Wi-Fi connections to guests in those locations (Bukht & Heeks, 2017). 

Doing business globally using Wireless mobile networks

Wireless mobile networks are communication networks with essentially wireless connectivity to and from end nodes. Cells are land areas where the web is always disseminated. Wireless mobile network connections are established up all over the world, and communication mediums are available everywhere. Because of numerous causes, advancing wireless mobile network connections globally can be a little more complicated. The many jurisdictions worldwide can be blamed for these factors (Azim & Hassan, 2013). For instance, difficulties such as various legislation surrounding mobile wireless networks in other states, physical connectivity, technological connectivity issues, issues matching user requests, and network operational challenges would all affect the global deployment of wireless mobile networks.

As a technology corporation that deals with wireless mobile networks, it must examine policy and regulatory challenges in the mobile network. The global rollout of 5G internet has provoked various reactions, with some countries unable to accommodate it. As a result, the corporation must consider the policy requirements of the many states engaged in the deployment. Physical connectedness is a critical issue to consider. These issues include wireless signals and coverage gaps caused by obstacles such as highlands or unsuitable terrains (Javaid, 2013). The network bandwidth accessible on the network was mentioned in the technological interconnection difficulties. The factor includes subjects such as; introducing access points, network segregation for preserving proper access, guest network limitations, and policy software.

In addition, the organization needs to focus on meeting customer demand, which requires an available network that can match the users’ requirements. Different security concerns are additional factors to think about. When a network is sold to users, there will always be security concerns. Users have confidence in security because of fast and dependable connectivity.

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