White Paper

Introduction/Summary: It is a good idea to provide a summary at the beginning of the paper in order to have busy readers quickly grasp the main point. (BLUF: Bottom Line up front)
Background/Context: A white paper needs to provide readers with general background information of a particular issue in order to help them make their decision based on the understanding of facts. Show them enough evidence that you are an expert on the subject. Put it in context from the readers’ perspective. Make sure that you do not digress from the main subject. Discuss the problem from different viewpoints and add any additional information that may give the reader a better understanding of the “Big Picture”.
Problem: The Problem Statement section provides information about the topic or problem introduced in the White Paper. This section should include a discussion of the importance of the topic or solution. You should present the detailed findings of your research in this section. Questions to consider include:
What is this topic or problem? Why is this topic or problem/solution important? How does the topic or problem/solution directly affect the audience? Do not pose problems for which you cannot provide solutions. The problem statement will, most often, naturally flow right into the discussion.

Solution: The Proposed Solution section provides the proposed solution or solutions.

• Provide all feasible solutions for the reader.
• Describe how the solution(s) would be implemented.
• Provide information about costs associated with the solution.
Conclusion: This section concludes the White Paper and should summarize the contents to include the recommended solution, if applicable.
Writing Requirements:

  • Follow the White Paper format provided and APA Writing Style to include double-spaced lines with 1″ margins and 12 point Time New Roman font.
  • Paper must be 1500-2500 words (not including the cover and reference pages)
  • White Papers are an individual project (no group work)
  • All papers must have a footer that reads “ For SMC Educational Purposes Only”
  • Any form of confirmed plagiarism will result in a final score of “0” (zero) for this assignment.

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