Western Europe

Question 1

1) Discuss Natura’s ownership strengths as well as their weaknesses

2) In the OLI framework, the chosen location of investment should create value to the firm that cannot be achieved at home. With this perspective in mind, should Natura expand into (a) Japan, (b) North America, or (c) Western Europe? Discuss specific pros and cons of entering the different regions/countries. Which country (ies) should Natura expand to? (Be specific about these country choices if you recommend expansion to North America and Western Europe).

3) Discuss your marketing strategy for this country with respect to the specific product line, pricing, and distribution, and choice of entry strategy

3 pages; 1.5 spacing

Question 2

  1. As the head of logistics and supply chain management for your firm, what are some of the major steps you would take to insure that your international supply chains are secure? Provide one or more examples to support your position.

APA citation 500 words or more

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