western civilization Paper

Country Study India

1. Read the Wall St. Journal article: Flawed Miracle and summarize in three paragraphs.

2. Discuss the current state of the Indian economy and its impact on the global economy?

3. Mahatma Gandhi is known as a symbol of non-violence and peace. Why then Gandhi never received the Nobel Peace Prize? What was the view of the Nobel Prize Committee on Gandhi?

4. What does “Mahatma” mean? Why and who gave this title to Gandhi?

5. Explain the influence of Gandhi’s philosophy on Martin Luther King Jr. and racial discrimination in the U.S?

6. Briefly explain Mahatma Gandhi’s view on the following:

a. Christianity and Jesus Christ

b. Western Civilization

c. Untouchability

d. Hinduism and Bhagwat Gita

e. Women

7. Mahatma said, “A nation that is capable of limitless sacrifice is capable of rising to limitless heights. The purer the sacrifice, the quicker the progress.” Can this philosophy be applied to develop a country, fight dictatorship and terrorism?

8. Briefly explain the difference between U.S and India on the following issues:

a. Culture

b. Religion and spirituality

c. Language(s)

d. Work Ethics

e. Markets

f. Food

g. Friendship and love

9. Who is Anna Hazare and what is his movement for? Explain.

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