Western Civilization, Economic Revolution

) Listed under “Worksheets” on Blackboard and repeated in each century unit.
**NOTE: 18th century = 1700s; 19th century = 1800s; 20th century = 1900s (only use examples up to 1960.**)
In general, your paper will describe changes over time and suggest reasons why the changes happened. Think of it as describing a pattern of change over time, and consider the ways that the “big picture” historical context that we have gone over in class has contributed to shaping the changes. The topics listed below do overlap, and you may wish to combine two or three as you see fit. When you write your paper, you will be asked to list one or more of the topics or starters below to which your paper responds.

“From the 18th to the 20th centuries,….”:

A. Economics:
1) How did shifting ideals about individual responsibility shape changes in people’s economic expectations?
2) What historical events or movements contributed to new economic choices (by the people or by governments)?

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