Well-Being of the EMT

            1.         List possible emotional reactions that the EMT-Basic may experience

                        when faced with trauma, illness, death, and dying.

            2.         Discuss the possible reactions that a family member may exhibit when

                        confronted with death and dying.

            3.         State the steps in the EMT-Basic’s approach to the family confronted

                        with death and dying.

            4.         State the possible reactions that the family of the EMT-Basic may

                        exhibit due to their outside involvement in EMS.

            5.         Recognize the signs and symptoms of critical incident stress.

            6.         State possible steps that the EMT-Basic may take to help reduce or

                        alleviate stress.

            7.         Explain the need to determine scene safety.

            8.         Discuss the importance of body substance isolation (BSI).

            9.         Describe the steps the EMT-Basic should take for personal protection

                        from airborne and bloodborne pathogens.

10.       List the personal protective equipment necessary for each of the following situations: Hazardous materials, Rescue operations, Violent scenes, Crime scenes, Exposure to bloodborne pathogens, Exposure to airborne pathogens.


Complete the following lists.

            1.         List at least five key elements of the OSHA standards designed to

                        protect emergency responders who have been exposed to bloodborne                                pathogens.

            2.         List at least five signs and/or symptoms of stress.

            3.         List four types of calls that have a higher than normal potential

                        for causing stress in EMS personnel.

            4.         List and define five emotional stages a dying patient may go


5.         List and explain the three “Rs” an EMT-B should follow when reacting

                        to a dangerous situation.

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