Weekly Assignment: Twitter Synthesis and Education

Page 1 – Weekly Twitter Syntheses

Each week, you will synthesize one of the readings. The goal of the Twitter thread is to inform the public about the topic, relevant research (the empirical articles and others you discover), and your opinions. The thread should consist of no more than seven, 280-character tweets.

Key questions/tips to guide your syntheses:

  • Try to summarize a paper in a sentence, mentioning the driving research questions, methods, and main contribution/findings
  • Why are the research questions important?
  • Are there underlying economic theories/behaviors/systems that motivate the study? Explain.
  • What data does the study use?
  • Who is in the study sample?
  • What are the dependent and explanatory variables of interest?
  • Do the authors claim causality? What method do the authors use to establish causality?
  • What are the main findings of the paper?
  • What are the limitations/anything you find unconvincing about the paper? Are there alternative explanations for the findings?
  • What are the policy implications from the study? Consider mentioning (e.g. @jjacobkirksey) relevant stakeholders/audiences using Twitter.

Page 2 – Weekly Discussion


In 4 solid and detailed paragraphs you must answer the following questions pertaining to the readings attached to this order.

What structures and stakeholders make up the education governance system, both for K12 and higher education? 

What are some benefits and downsides of this model of education governance, as opposed to models that are more centralized or more centralized? 

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