Week 7: Native American History

Answer these questions in 250 words or more each:

1. Who was John Collier, and what role did he play in creating a “New Deal” for Native people? Describe the Indian Reorganization Act or “Indian New Deal”. In what ways was it a departure from previous policy? How did it change thinking about the place of Indians in American society? How did it influence subsequent policies towards Native Americans?

2. Discuss the American Indian civil rights history and the historical processes since the 1960s, and explain what events have led to indigenous people to fight for protection and try to prevent violence against Native American women.

3. For this essay, will be asked to “prepare a speech” that you would give to a group of politicians, educators, and activists about the importance of teaching and learning about American Indian history. Explain why every American should know American Indian history. How could Americans help mend race relations in the United States and help heal the First Nations communities by learning this history? In this essay, you will stress to the audience the importance of teaching this history, especially in the U.S. school system, and why every person should know the history of the First Nations and have a basic understanding of the history behind the current relationship the tribes have with the U.S. government and society.

Do not forget to use in-text citations because you will be using multiple sources

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