Week 3: Chapter 6 and 7 – Erikson and Kohut

Chapter 6 – Erik Erikson’s Psychoanalytic Ego Psychology  & Chapter 7 – Kohut’s Self Psychology

Total post should be no less than 500 words

  1. What stage of Erikson’s psychosocial development are you experiencing at present? List some crises that could (or do) occur at this stage. What crises could happen in relationships, school, or on the job? Provide thorough information here. 
  2. To minimize life’s confusion, adolescents often idolize and over-identify with a teacher, a television or motion picture star, an athlete, or even a friend. Was there someone in your adolescent years you idolized, or at least, patterned your life after at that particular time? Why or why not? Was this over-identification helpful? Harmful? Explain your answer. Consider both Erikson and Kohut’s theories here (they both offer related content). 
  3. Kohut focused a great deal on narcissism.  Using the content regarding what he said about Narcissistic Personality and Behavior Disorders, consider one of the following famous people presumed to be a narcissist: Kim Kardashian or Donald Trump. 

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