Water Simulation

Question 1

Follow these instructions:

  1. Introduction: Explain your location in the Water Simulation (Watopia, Flowdia, or Desertia) and how this location affected your water availability. How did you feel about being in this location?
  2. What was your role in your family group? What was the most challenging decision your family made during the simulation?
  3. Reflect on the discussion afterwards. Describe one or more comments by others that made you think about the topic differently or introduced you to new ideas. Be sure to not only describe the comments, but also to reflect on how your thinking was challenged or changed.
  4. Compare your experience in this simulation to one of the films/text for this course, in order to explain how this water simulation relates to the world water crisis. Be sure to cite the name of the film/text you select in your journal entry.
  5. Conclusion: How did this simulation impact your views on the world water crisis?

Be sure that you have checked the rubric below to make sure that your submission is complete and without errors.


Question 2

Identify a decision making process or strategy that is difficult to develop within the LINKS SIMULATION. Address why it is difficult, how it is developed, what it affected within the simulation, etc.


Question 3

Consider some of the examples you have brought up in earlier topics. Describe the key differences between simulation models and the models covered earlier in the course. Outline how the approach to solving this problem would differ in terms of applying and computing/solving the models.

max 250 words

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