W3 Assignment: Dean of Students Job Description

Overview: The Dean of Students position is typically a high-profile leadership role on campus, with responsibilities that cover the entire student body through multiple Student Affairs functional areas. A Dean of Students will usually supervise other Student Affairs personnel and will sometimes advise student entities and organizations, like the college’s student government. This is an important leadership role on campus—one that can influence the campus culture and student experience. As such, it is important that a Dean of Student understands leadership and is an accomplished leader to multiple constituent groups. 

Instructions: Imagine that you are on a search committee for a Dean of Students; and your task is to develop a job description for the position. While it is OK to look at other examples of job descriptions, your document should reflect the culture, mission, and vision of the institution you are hiring for. That is why it will help if you keep a specific institution in mind and to take into account its type, size, and other aspects of the structure and culture. Only then, you will be able to find the best person for the job! Additionally, remember to incorporate this week’s readings!

Download and complete the Job Description Template [Note to writer: Word Document attached] for your Dean of Students job description. Write at least three descriptions for each section of the template. At least one of the “Basic Responsibilities” in Scope I & II should specifically focus on leadership. You will probably want some mentions of leadership in Scope III and IV, as well. APA formatting does not have to be used in this assignment.

Required Textbooks

  • Schuh, H., Jones, S. R., & Torres, V. (2017). Student services: A handbook for the profession (6th ed.). Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 9781119049593.


Required Readings

Required Resources

Recommended Readings

  • Cook, S. G. (2011). Tips to be a great leader in student affairs. Women in Higher Education, 20(10), 7–8.

Recommended Readings

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