Vision Of A Country

The opposition leader of your country, although strongly disagreeing with former U.S. President
Donald Trump’s political orientations and ideology, has been very impressed by the U.S.
President’s campaign in 2016, and his ability during his term to successfully confront
impeachment procedure. He/she thinks that Trump, even though ultimately defeated in 2020, got
a real point with his slogan “Make America Great Again”. In his/her opinion, it truly encapsulates a
very attractive political message in spite of its historical and populist resonances. It could explain
how, in spite of the turmoil that he has created both domestically and internationally, he is still,
after his defeat and the January 6th, 2021 attack on the Capitol, controlling his party and enjoying
favorable public opinion polls, and could be reelected in 2024.
Being a close friend to your parents, he/she is asking you, as a promising senior civil servant, to
assist him/her in his/her campaign. Being devastated by the poor results of the outgoing
administration and the rampant corruption, you accept his/her proposal.
He/she intends that you propose to define a vision of the country for his/her mandate if he/she
wins the elections that will take place in Fall, and capture this vision into a slogan such as #MAGA
that could be easily understood by the electorate. It must be short enough to be expressed in an
acronym that would be appropriate for the social networks and printed in T-shirts, hoodies, mugs,
hats, lighters, key-rings, and pens.
Obviously, he/she knows that a vision and a slogan are not enough. He/she expects too that you
enter into the details of some key objectives (no more than seven)—and then strategies—that
could meet the expectations and yearnings of the majority of the people, and prevent a major and
counter-productive reluctance of the bureaucracies, and the—could-be violent—resistance of
some interests groups on very sensitive issues. You will have to advise the opposition leader on
the best way to break down the opposition with both realistic and meaningful arguments and to
take advantage of the expected support of the major part of the country without undermining the
key objectives.
This also requires that you could help the opposition leader in framing a comprehensive
diagnosis of the situation of the country that takes into account its strengths and weaknesses
as well as the foreseeable or possible opportunities and threats.
He/she also is committed not to proposing unrealistic measures and abiding by the legal, but also
time, constraints. The challenges are huge and you cannot expect immediate changes, how
frustrating it could be given the messy heritage of the previous administration. The objectives, in
order to be achieved, must be prioritized—you are not supposed to be comprehensive and are
expected to select the most relevant ones in your eyes. Of course, it should also include secondrank objectives.
Since the opposition leader is expecting some strong contests, those must be known in advance
in order to be addressed. Thus, a share/stakeholders map must be drawn up beforehand for
each of the objectives.
It must be as well accompanied by an accurate and smart communication policy towards the
general public and some targeted groups.
You are free to choose the main objectives and the country (it could be yours or another one, real
or fictional). However, the objectives must correspond to the key issues and tackle some
controversial matters.
Using the PESTEL Analysis come up with a strategy for a country. You would be acting as a
political advisor to a candidate who is running for elections and requested your help. The country
you choose to work on can be a real/fictional country.

  1. Define a vision for the country.
  2. You set out your key objectives and goals
    for the country (Maximum 7 Key Objectives)
  3. Provide a detailed diagnosis of the situation (including the positive and the negative factors into
  4. Prioritize your objectives. Define your second-rank objectives.
  5. For each objective, make a policy recommendation.
  6. Draw up a stakeholders map.
  7. Come up with a smart Communications Policy
    PESTEL Analysis :
  • What is your main goal that you want to reach? Define the main strategy
  • Define or build some scenarios – what could be the different ways that you could implement the
    strategy? Taking the different constraints into account: the social, economic, other unexpected
    events that may arise over the course of the next year that could arise and could take you by
  • Then consider the best scenario. All scenarios may have advantages and disadvantages. But
    you would have to understand and try to balance the +/- to choose the best one and adjust the
    scenario according to the events that may occur. – Evaluate the situation of the country. Be careful of the wording. The diagnosis could be related to
    the organization but not of the current policies in place. For this diagnosis you have different
    Political Factor: the diagnosis form a political point of view form different point of views from that
    different groups or organizations. This should help you understate what are your margins of
    manoeuvre. You may try to focus on different groups of people ex: those who are more likely to
    support you or to focus on the oppositions to minimize the opposition. Political play out. Not all
    groups can win, but not all groups may lose.
  • you may also consider the international situation in this factor. You may have pressure form the
    international community or other states. Ex: you are an EU state and you cannot do everything
    you’d like to. If you’re Hungry or Malta, you have to follow or abide by EU regulations which would
    refrain your own policy.
    Economic Factor : you have some assets because you have very competitive economy or you’re
    a very dependent company —> impact on your trade balance, on the daily life of the citizens (huge
    inflation or rise in oil prices : which will of course impact the political situation). This could force you
    to draw political policies or enter into relationship with other states
    Social Factor : the quality of life, equality in the society, health issues (pandemic) the social
    security, do they have a sort of safety net or do they rely of foreign companies. Then the mindset of
    the people which is framed by the education system – “the social mindset” the political opinion. The
    fight or the war between different social groups.
    Technological Factor : sometimes linked to economy, do you have a lot of RND or startups? Are
    you Abel to create a lot of innovation in the public and private sector. You would also have to
    consider the impact of new technologies: social network, the protection of privacy, the impact of
    politics (info streaming in to the political life). Technology in agriculture, etc.
    Environmental Factor : can be understood in 2 ways: Ecology (fight against climate change,
    biodiversity, etc. ) OR the general environment of the country, the society, the international situation
    or stage, etc.
    Legal Factor : you have some constrains on your own, bill of rights, declaration of human rights,
    women’s rights, etc. Corruption must be included. War against Drug, etc. This will further impact he
    margin to maneuver etc. World Bank report on countries with a friendly business environment :
    sometimes you have gov’t that breach contracts.
    This is the first step to do a Diagnosis:
  • You would have to convince people who would need to work on this. And according to that
    understand the main constraints (internal + external that would frame the strategies)
  • Then you’d have to build the scenarios
  • You would also have to understand the relevant indicators. Without which you cannot do a
  • The scenarios have to consider internal and external factors. What is the impact of the
    scenarios in the international context or in the evolution of the world. Could a pandemic have an
    impact on your scenario? A terrorist attack? Define the unknown. Difficult to predict but you can
    have an idea.

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