Virtual Machine

You have been contracted by a local photography studio to set up a server that will meet their current IT needs. Their primary concern is that they wish to create a network share so that works of all of their photographers can be stored in a single location that can be accessed by all staff, and which incorporates data redundancy to ensure the safety of the work. they would also like to host a web server through which they can share photographs to their clients, but they will need security so that only their clients can view the photos, rather than leaving them open to the general public. The customer has also asked that your solution be entirely separate from their existing infrastructure and self-contained.

Within a virtual machine, setup a server, using an operating system of your choosing, that provides the following primary services:

  •  Web Hosting Remote Shell Access
  •  Must provide HTTP and HTTP services, and allow for HTTP authenticated access.
  •  Network Shares
  •  Data redundancy

All secondary services required to support these primary services (e.g. authentication) must also be provided from within the virtual machine. You should aim to give due consideration to security at each stage of the implementation of this service.

You will need to produce and submit a report that:

  1. Documents the steps that you have undertaken to setup the virtual machine using screenshots that you will annotate with text to include additional detail. This additional detail should include an explanation of the steps and output presented in the screenshots. The report should be comprehensive, starting from the installation of the guest operating system and concluding with a fully operational web hosting service.
  2. Includes a section which justifies the rationale for the selection of the operating system and any software packages installed to provide the primary and supporting services required for the web hosting service. These justifications should focus on the benefit of your selections from your customer’s perspective, and should be focused on their specific scenario. Ensure that you focus on logical justifications, and avoid reproducing the marketing materials published by the vendor of your selected software.

Please note that only the report will be submitted, not your virtual machine, so you will need to ensure that your report wholly encompasses the work that you have completed.

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