Virtual Learning Environment

Question 1

The emerging market multinationals (EMMs) are those companies originating from an emerging market which invests in developed or other emerging markets. In the literature they are also called emerging market multinational companies (EMNCs). Examples of EMMs include TATA (India), Huawei (China), Turkcell (Turkey) and Vale (Brazil). Recently they have been very active in foreign equity listing. New York and London are the dominant financial centres while Hong Kong serves Chinese companies. In a recent move the Singapore Exchange has also opened its doors to Chinese companies. In this context, you are required to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of listings by EMMs. You may provide one EMM as an example to illustrate your case in an effective manner. However, you need to take into consideration that this an academic essay so theoretical and empirical discussions are indispensable. Your assignment must be properly referenced. Further information on referencing (ie the Harvard system) is available in the Studying at a Distance textbook by Talbot and on the Virtual Learning Environment in the Study Skills area.

Analyse the pros and cons of listing in the foreign stock exchange(s) for emerging-market multinationals (EMMs).

Question 2


A professional report is expected to include a number of key aspects including

  1. To, From, Date and Subject: a report should always make clear who is the recipient and who is the author (though in this case of the author you will need to put a false name rather than your own for anonymity purposes). A report should be dated and have a subject title.
  2. Introduction: this section should set out the purpose of the report and what will be covered subsequently.
  3. Executive summary: it is often the LAST section of the report to be written because it consolidates all the information set out in the report. It is usually at the front of the report and sets out the most important points raised.

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