Violence Risk Assessment

Discuss the possibilities and conditions surrounding the assessment of risk for violence regarding individuals, groups and situations.

The paper should begin with a short description of the context.

Thereafter, the following aspects should be defined/described and discussed in the paper:

  • Sensitivity and specificity
  • “Pay-off matrix”
  • Predictive validity

Comparisons with results from evaluations of assessments conducted in other contexts should also be accomplished. Other aspects, related to the learning outcome, that you consider relevant can also be discussed.

N.B: Other aspects, related to the learning outcomes mention above, are the following learning outcomes

Describe the theoretical and empirical foundations of violence risk assessment, starting with the unstructured clinical violence risk assessment approach in criminal justice and mental health settings, specifically in the forensic psychiatric care,

Describe the development and prevalence of violence risk assessment and their application within different national and international organizations, e.g. police and forensic psychiatric settings.

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