Victimology Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to synthesize theory, research and programs related to a particular aspect of victimology. This is a research paper so you are expected to review the literature on the topic you select. This will necessitate your visiting the library and locating journal articles which present relevant theoretical presentations, research findings, and program evaluations.

There are numerous topics and areas to be considered. A number of possible topic areas are listed below. If you wish to choose a topic not listed see me about it before you proceed.

Once you have selected your topic area identify the major questions/issues that you want to address in your paper. This will help you to adequately cover your topic within the confines of a short term paper. Keep the information that you present relevant to the specific issue that you have chosen. Ask yourself at every stage “what point am I trying to make? How does this apply to that point?”


Battered women who kill
Arresting Spouse Abusers
Policy -history and evaluation
Hate/Bias Crimes
New legislation- definition, target, implementation
assessment of legislation
measurement of hate/bias crimes
Children as Indirect Victims of Crime
witnessing spouse abuse-impact on child
witnessing television violence- impact on child
witnessing community violence-impact on child
Incest Survivor Groups
Programs for the Spouse Abuser
Courtship Violence
Long term Impact of Child Sexual Abuse
Parental Abuse
Sibling Abuse
The Juvenile Sexual Assault Victim and the Law
The Juvenile Sexual Assault Offender and the Law
Victims of A Specific Crime
Prevention Programs-Child Abuse, Spouse Abuse
Legislation: Nursing homes, Testimony of Young Victims (Child Competency Requirements), Pornography, etc.
Child Videotaped/Closed Circuit Testimony
Victim and Witness Protection
Victim Involvement in Sentencing
Victim Privacy Protection- Reporting the Names of Rape Victims
Domestic Violence Protection Orders
Rape legislation
Date/Acquaintance Rape
Statutory Rape
conflict between marriage laws and statutory rape
Marital Rape
Victims of Campus Crime
Battered men
Male rape victims

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