Variable Research


As you have seen in this and previous weeks, there are many different sources of data that can be used to satisfy your data needs. However, it is important to delineate a clear and precise data analysis plan, to ensure that these data are presented in an adequate format and contain the necessary information. To develop this plan, you must assess and describe the different features of the database.

For this Assignment, you will put into practice all the concepts you explored in previous weeks, and those developed this week, to create a data analysis plan that will act as the foundation of your final Scholar-Practitioner Project.

To prepare:

Review this week’s Learning Resources

By Day 7

Submit your data analysis plan. Your data analysis plan should include the following supporting documents (this is very similar to statistical analysis section of your doctoral study):

  • Your final research question(s)


Variable names and descriptions

Types of variables: independent/dependent, covariate, confounding.

  • Levels of measurement for each variable.
  • Your Statistical analysis plan, including:

Descriptive methods you will be using to describe data.

  • Analytic methods you will be using to answer your research question(s), including:
  • Statistical test you will be using.
  • Why this test is appropriate to answer your research question?
  • Why this test is appropriate for using the list of variables you selected for your research question?

How the results of this statistical test help you to answer your research question?

  • What methods you will be using to present your findings?

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