Valuing Ethics

  • Watch the “Valuing Ethics” video offered by the Project Management Institute. The video is posted under Required Reading/Videos. If you have trouble with the embedded video, here is a link to the web page where the video is located: Valuing Ethics.  If you use the link, please confirm you are watching the correct video. If the assignment doesn’t make sense to you, it may be that your browser is redirecting you to the wrong video.  The speaker in the video is Mark A. Langley, President and CEO of Project Management Institute.
  • Read the PMI® Ethical Decision Making Framework document. A link is posted under Required Reading/Videos.

This assignment is a paper written in APA format.  Create an appropriate subheading for each of the three questions below. Then provide your answer (for each question) that fully examines, assesses, or compares the required information. To earn full credit, answers must address the requirements from the rubric. The paper must be 2 total length. In addition, a cover page and reference page are required. University requires APA format for papers.

1. Based on what you learned from watching the video and reading the Ethics Framework, identify one ethical issue / dilemma that the project managers may face. Be specific. Discuss the complexity of the issue.

2. Using the ethical issue you identified in question 1 above, identify and describe 2 alternative courses of action that a project manager could take to resolve the ethical issue.

3.  Choose one of the two alternative courses of action you identified in question 2.  Explain and defend why you feel this is an ethically sound solution.


Ethical issue is clearly identified and is relevant to the topic. Analysis of the complexity of the issue is very thorough.

Two appropriate alternatives are provided for the issue. Alternatives are well thought out and clearly stated. Pros and Cons are included.

Defends an ethically sound solution to the issues from the alternative courses of action

Uses completely appropriate grammar that helps readers understand meaning. No spelling errors.

All necessary references are included and are in APA format. In-text citations are used appropriately. Includes cover page & reference page. APA formatting used correctly for the entire paper.

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